Madonna Workout Routine

Madonna Workout Routine

Madonna‘s workout routine is brutal, we know that. But did you know that Madonna’s workout routine is followed by others around her. Okay, not exactly. Rather, Madonna’s workout routine is an example and an inspiration for those that work with her on the stage.

But some do claim that Madonna’s workout routine is used by her dancers. “Madonna sets an example. You can’t be out of shape for her,” says dancer Anthony Rue II, aka 26-year-old “Ant Boogie.” “When you’ve got your shirt off for a bunch of numbers, you start paying attention.” With that in mind, Rue is hitting the gym.

“If you don’t look up to par, Madonna will assign you a trainer,” he says. To gear up, Crunch Fitness trainer Aviel Ayoung created a cardio-and-weight training regime for him. “I’ll jump rope, do a lot of footwork to make it fun,” says Rue, who exercises for an hour a day, even on tour. But while his boss is a health nut, Rue admits he is not strict about his diet. “My eating habits are the worst,” he says.

While the following is not Madonna’s workout routine, it is a plan that Rue uses to keep up with Madonna.

Resistance bands “These are rubber bands that you can use instead of weights,” says Rue, who does five sets of 10-15 reps.

Push-ups Rue does a total of 250.

Chest presses Rue’s secret? Five sets of 5-10.

Jump rope “I’ll do one minute on, one minute off,” says Rue. “Throw on some music and use a stopwatch.”

Knew-highs Jog in place, lifting your knees as high as possible. Rue does l0-minute sets, one minute on, one minute off. [via]

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