Madonna Muscles

Madonna Muscles

Sure, it is a cliché, but sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Are you kidding me? Did you know that Madonna is 50 years old? Where are the women that look zis good in their 50s? Oh, sure, Madonna’s muscles are not “real” because she probably has a nutritionist and a personal trainer. Excuses, excuses.

So how come Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie (who can use Madonna’s personal trainer) looks as if he has been munching on Snickers and chili cheese fries for the past two years? Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh; Guy looks okay, barely, he is a fan of jujitsu and karate, but he is clearly much less defined than his wife. Personally, I would be embarrassed.

Madonna, on the other hand, looks fiercely delicious. “It’s all hard work. Diet, exercise and constantly being careful,” says Madonna of her incredibly toned physique. But it is all totally worth it, isn’t it? I mean how many grannies 50 year olds can say that chicks in their 20s envy her looks? Yeah, you do, do not even start. [source: In Touch]

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