Madonna Diet

Madonna Diet

Madonna‘s diet is horrible. Okay, Madonna’s diet is not bad at all; actually, it is an interesting diet to try, but the name of the Madonna’s diet sounds like a fad. What is it called? Get this, her new diet is called, wait for it, The Salmon Retox Diet. Yes, “retox” – it is not a typo.

What is so special about Madonna’s diet? It contains a lot of fish and healthy omega-3s, which she allegedly believes make her look a lot younger. A source says that “She’s paring it [the diet] with her new gym routine, which is more cardiovascular so she can tone down the muscly look and become softer and more feminine.”

But what is so special about Madonna’s diet? Nothing in particular, at least in my opinion. Madonna seems to believe that the salmon oil is superior to other fish oils, which probably explains why she seems to be obsessed with eating salmon and not some other fish.

Now if you eat a balanced diet that contains protein (even if it comes exclusively from salmon) vegetables and fruits, you should be getting all nutrients that you need. Right? Right, except that she does not seem to think so.

For some rather odd reason, Madonna’s diet contains such things as fiber and calcium supplements, as well as protein supplements – she does eat vegetables by the way.

Protein supplements? Why would she need to take protein supplements? Salmon – or any other fish for that matter – contains plenty of protein. Like I said – strange! Something smells fishy here, no pun intended.

An insider claims that “Madonna really chose this diet because she’s obsessed with her skin. The salmon diet is just her latest secret to looking young.” [source: Life & Style]

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