Low Glycemic Foods Destroy Belly Fat

Low Glycemic Foods Destroy Belly FatWant to lose some belly fat? Who does not, right? Right, well, eat some low-glycemic foods.

People who tend to gain weight around their abdomens are especially likely to benefit from low-glycemic foods – even more so than from a low-fat diet, say researchers from Children’s Hospital Boston.

This should be hardly surprising given the fact that “low-fat” usually translates to “high in sugar.” Low-glycemic foods, on the other hand, usually means low in carbs.

Among 73 overweight adults, one group consumed low-glycemic foods that included whole grains, non-starchy vegetables, fruit (rather than fruit juice), and beans.

The goal was to limit processed carbohydrates, of course – such as refined cereals, white bread, bagels, pretzels, and sweetened drinks – which tend to raise blood sugar and insulin levels sharply.

An oral glucose-tolerance test identified people with the greatest surges in insulin production in response to carbohydrates. They lost 12.8 pounds eating low-glycemic foods, while those on a low-fat diet lost 2.6 pounds.

Endocrinologist David Ludwig says that people with apple-shaped bodies tend to secrete more insulin than people with pear-shaped figures. [source: Allure]

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