Louise Roe Diet

Louise Roe Diet

Louise Roe‘s diet is not normal. Correction, Louise Roe’s diet is good, but her body’s reaction to it is not normal. Louise Roe’s diet is not special in any way, it is the fact that she looks great despite consuming more than 2,000 calories seems to suggest that perhaps her metabolism is, well, not normal, but in a good way. Does she have an above average metabolism? Maybe. So, what does she eat? Let’s take a closer look at Louise Roe’s diet.

Breakfast (about 795 calories) Mashed avocadoes on a toast and a large mocha latte.

Snack (about 300 calories) A smoothie made with apples, bananas and other fruits.

Lunch (about 510 calories) Lots of vegetables with a piece of grilled tuna, coconut water and some chocolate cake for dessert.

Dinner (about 680 calories) Chicken fajitas with guacamole.

Total Calories: About 2,285 daily calories. [source: OK!]

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