Lose 55 Pounds

Lose 55 PoundsNeed to lose 55 pounds? Robin Broder did just that. She did the math – more walks, less ice cream – and dropped four sizes. Here is her story.

What made me gain weight After I got married, I started putting on 10 or so pounds every year. I ate like my husband did (guy-sized servings) and still managed to have second helpings.

Plus, because he didn’t work out on a regular basis, I eventually stopped going to the gym altogether. I had a desk job in public relations by day and a bowl of ice cream every night (Edy’s French Silk was my favorite).

By our fourth year of marriage, I was stunned to find I topped the scales at my all-time high of 195 pounds – a little too close to my husband’s weight!

How I lost 55 pounds I shed 20 pounds in six months simply by eating less of everything. I kept the weight off for two years, but at 175 pounds I still got out of breath on walks. I started doing pilates DVDs three days a week and walked my dog or biked other days.

I also made smarter food choices – my ice cream became a fat-free Popsicle. By July 2005, I’d lost another 35 pounds and hit 140. Now people at work ask me for weight loss advice!

What worked for me: Pacing Myself I couldn’t have kept it up if I vowed to bike 20 miles a day. Instead, I did pilates DVDs, then gradually biked more miles.

Keeping it simple I tell myself, it’s just math. The less you eat and the more you exercise, the smaller your body gets. People make it such a hard mental game. It doesn’t have to be.

Downsizing treats I didn’t cut goodies out completely, or I’d eventually binge. I rely on 100-calorie packs of crackers or cookies. They’re portion-controlled so I’m satisfied without overdoing it. [via]

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