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Lose 100 PoundsContinued from How to Lose 100 Pounds. Think you can’t lose 100 pounds? That is what Courtney Nourse probably thought when she has past 200 pounds mark.

She couldn’t even fit in an amusement park ride, which was hardly amusing.

But this former couch potato has found a way to get her, well, you know – her stuff – together. Here is how she lost 100 pounds without diet pills, liposuction surgery or fancy meal delivery services.

Turning Point: As a teen, Courtney Nourse spent her after-school hours downing six-packs of Pepsi and snacking on nachos in front of the TV, “just getting bigger every year,” she says; by 2003 – at 235 lbs.- she could no longer fit on her favorite roller-coaster ride at the local amusement park. “I thought, ‘This isn’t any way to live,'” she recalls.

How She Lost 100 Pounds: After using fitness Web sites to determine her optimal caloric intake, the 5’4″ Nourse created a 1,500-calorie-a-day diet.

A typical breakfast was a small bagel and a cup of yogurt, followed by a Lean Cuisine meal and half a cup of Fiber One with sugar-free Jell-O pudding for lunch and baked fish and a box of frozen vegetables for dinner.

She also hit the treadmill for 30 minutes six days a week and lifted weights.

Her 100-LB. Moment Although Nourse, 27, usually weighs herself every day, she held off as she approached the 100-lb. mark in December, wanting to wait until Christmas. “I knew it would be the best present if I hit my goal,” she says. And was it? “I was jumping up and down!” she says.

The Recap: She was 235 lbs., created a simple diet and exercise program on her own, lost over 100 pounds (105 pounds to be exact) – and now at 130 lbs. she says, “I want to bungee jump and surf – things I would’ve been too scared of before.” [via]

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  1. ashton Says:

    Well, I weigh 234 and i want to lose 100 pounds in three months. what do i do?

  2. Brenda Says:

    At the start of the year, I weighed 273. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and my goal is to be down to about 170-180 by my 30th birthday on April 1st. I’ve cut out table sugar, and I’ve started counting calories. I’ve limited myself to about 1200-1500 a day I’ve also started exersizing, something I’ve never done, and boy am I sore. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I need all the help I can get.

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