Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Lose 10 Pounds in 2 WeeksSo you want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Sorry, pal, cannot do it. Why can’t you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, but you have probably heard the mantra – go slow and steady – that is what we are told all the time. So, while it could be possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, I agree with the mantra because those who try to lose weight quickly, often fail.

Why? There are many reasons, but mainly because without certain prohibited substances like clenbuterol and other illegal steroids, it is not easy to sustain a high rate of weight loss. Numerous studies show that for most people – it is safe and effective to lose weight at the rate of 2 pounds a week.

Right, but you know what? Rules are boooring. And frankly, that “2 pounds a week” thingy is getting on my nerves, a little. Some people can lose more than 2 pounds a week without any side effects.

I do not know if you can do that – I do not know if you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks – but if you wan to try to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, which comes down to losing 5 pounds a week for two consecutive weeks, I am not going to tell you not to do that. There is just one very important caveat.

Before you even think about changing your current diet, you have to consult with your doctor and let him know that you are going to start losing weight. So how does one lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? There are many ways to do that.

For example, you can reduce your daily consumption of carbs and or calories, increase your activity level, which helps burn more calories, and start eating smaller meals more often, which keeps your metabolism high.

But perhaps the best way to lose weight is to follow a structured diet and exercises plan, which you actually like and want to follow because you are comfortable with it. If you do not know where to start, take a look at this program, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is also a great program.

Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks sample diet plan Here is an example of a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet which you can use to lose up to 5 pound a week. Keep in mind that 1,200 calories a day is an absolute bottom, you cannot go lower than that. As a general rule, if you are hungry, do not be afraid to add more calories to your diet.

Breakfast Protein fruit smoothie.

Lunch 2 oz diced chicken breast, 1/2 cup whole-wheat pasta, 1 oz low-fat smoked mozzarella, 1 cup sauteed eggplant and tomatoes.

Snack 10 raw almonds.

Dinner 5 oz grilled-salmon fillet, 1 oz low-fat miso sauce, 1/3 cup soba noodles, 1 cup snap peas.

Snack 4 oz nonfat frozen yogurt.

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40 Responses to “Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks”

  1. Siennah Says:

    It’s rather ridiculous to think everyone should operate around a 2000 calorie diet. So, a girl who is 5′ and a guy who is 6’5″ should both be eating the same number of calories? That’s not realistic.

  2. sarah Says:

    im 12 yrs old and i wiegh way to much 154 pds :( but it doesnt look like that much but i wanna lose it FAST and i love to eat :[ wat do i do ????????????] please email suggestions yogi_bear_lover@yahoo.com

  3. Margaret Says:

    If you want to loose weight fast, try Dr. BErstein weight loss clinic. I had a struggle trying to loose a few pounds, then I bumped into one of his clinic. I sat there eating my tripple icecream when I saw the clinic across the street. 6 months later I was 83 pounds less. That was two years ago,
    I did regain 30 pounds but It is eaier to know off that 10-15 pounds that it is to knock off 83.

    good luck.

  4. Kathy Simmons Says:

    Losing 10 pounds in two weeks really depends on where you are starting from. If you have a ton of weight to lose, or have really poor eating habits and then make a big change in your diet and exercise you can lose a lot of weight very quickly. I needed to lose 35 pounds (give or take) and had poor eating habits, and tried the Teavalize System of two healthy teas a day and replaced all my drinks with it and ate heathier and I lost about 12 pounds in two weeks. Def. worth checking out but its all about eating better and getting some exercise… put less in your mouth and burn more calories!

  5. Lanna Says:

    Hey hunny, I know what it’s like be overweight because until I was 18 so was I. But you need to remember that some of the extra pounds you’re carrying are baby fat and will naturally be reduced. There’s lots of things online about weight loss and fitness. Most importantly though focus on health and fitness, what the scale says doesn’t matter half as much as how you look and feel. Excersize more, eat more fruit and veggies, and skip those BIG meals, make them small spaced out meals. And also healthy doesn’t neccesarily mean unappetizing.

  6. kim Says:

    Hi i have been trying to loose weight after having myy baby. I breastfeed and i wanted to know if anyone can help me. I have lost 25 pounds in three months but i am wanting it to go faster. Would the cookie diet be ok or does anyone no anything to help me. ?am only 20 years old and i am back to my pre peg size but why is my skin around my stomach and abs so weird my baby is 6 months old so shouldnt it be back to normal?

  7. Doable Says:

    It is possible, and no, not everyone has to eat 1200 calories a day. A 5′ slender woman can survive on less than 1000. During a juice fast, a person can lose a pound a day. The problem with fasting is that it is not for everybody, some people return to unhealthy eating and put the weight back on immediately, and it can be difficult to abstain from food for an extended period of time. You should consult a professional before commencing a juice fast.

  8. liz Says:

    i am getting married in two weeks and MUST lose at least fifteen lbs any suggestions????????????

  9. malaysian man Says:

    i m from malaysia. i m 29 years old and i m real fat man. my weight is 75kg and my height is 170cm. i do many things but my body still looks fat. even my own family always tell me about the conditions of my body. for your information, im going for jog everyday for 45 minutes in the morning. After that, i will go to work. i eat 3 times a day and i only eat vegetable and slice of bread of each time i eat. i only lose 2 kg in 5 months. it really dissapointing me. please help me guys. email me at malayrace@hotmail.com

  10. Jailene Says:

    I’m a 13 year old girl and I’m pretty overweight. I’m 5’6 but I weight 180 – 190. My height is 5’6 cause I come from a tall family. Anyways, I’ve asked my friends and mother how they think I look as in like, if I look really fat. They always say no and that I’m alright for my height. But you see, when I put on clothes and stuff I always get sad because I look fat. I have a very low self esteem. This summer, before I go to 8th Grade, I would like to lose at least 10 – 20 pounds in 2 months. Recently, school vacation has started but what I think messed me up was that in school, I never had time to get breakfast because I always had to go to class early in the morning to make up work that I’ve missed out on. It really gets to me that I’m overweight and I get depressed. At my age, would it be okay to do as what is told at the top? And should I start eating breakfast and try to exercise?

    Email me at:


  11. Mark Johnson, M.D. Says:

    Actually, although not great for you, it is possible to lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks. It’s called the cayenne pepper diet. I have heard of husky dieters losing up to 22 lbs in 10 days! No joke.

  12. sharon Says:

    I have been dieting like crazy and jogging 3 miles 5x per week. I also strength train 3x per week. Yes I have lost some weight around 15-20 lbs. But I still weigh around 155 lbs and am only 5 foot 4 inches tall. I am 32ish. I had a c section years ago, and all my weight is generally around my belly and thighs. Any suggestions to try to remove it quickly?

  13. Josh Says:

    I bought a book called the 30 day jump start by The Biggest Loser. It was the healthiest most natural way in my mind to begin a “diet”. My goal was not to lose lbs. fast, but to lose them and get down to my goal weight no matter how long it took. So far I have been using this plan for 6 months now, and I have lost 57 pounds and my wife has lost 42 pounds. Im 29 years old as is my wife, and I never thought i would ever be below 200 lbs ( I started at 250). I now have 15 more pounds to lose and I feel great. I would recommend going out and buying this book and reading it front to back. Its safe, natural, and in my opinion is a great way to start a new lifestyle. Everyone worries about losing weight fast instead of actually getting the right nutrients and healthy food in there bodies. Buy this book and stick to it and you’ll be astonished with your results.

  14. tony Says:

    i’m about to reach my goal of losing 50 pounds in a year. yes people a year. it takes time if you want to do it with just changing your eating habits. i quit my soda addiction cold turkey and cut out as much sugar as i could. i eat the same foods but just less of it now and added some veggies instead of starches and it worked. first 20 went fast, then it was slow going after that. started on my birthday and am gonna make my goal on this birthday. if your not hitting the gym or a very active person your gonna have to be patient.

  15. tiffany Says:

    People you do realize that with the cayenne pepper diet you’re losing WATER weight. There is NO way to lose POUNDS which is fat, but yes losing water weight in a short amount of time is possible.

  16. Miryam Says:

    I’ve just lost about 10 pound in two weeks (the end of the 2nd week is tomorrow). I did not plan on losing this much so quickly, it just happened right when I started weight watchers. I’m female, 5’11” and I started at 185 (now I’m 174 lbs) my goal is 155 lbs so it’s not like I was very overweight to begin with. What I did was completely switch up my diet. I used to skip breakfast and not eat my first meal until 1, 2, 3pm. I had been regularly eating my meals at diners, cheesecake factory, chipotles, panera bread, spikes hot dog, pizza, etc. I did chose relatively “healthier” options before, but I was still eating those huge restaurant portions and very few vegetables. Starting 2 weeks ago, I completely stopped ordering out every meal, I started eating breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner – snack every day (I rarely feel hungry anymore). I’ve been cooking almost all of my lunches and dinners from weight watchers recipes, and I did a complete 180 on vegetables. I easily hit 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. I snack on almonds, prunes, fresh fruit and cottage cheese. I enjoy everything I eat. The VOLUME of food I’m eating seems huge compared to before, but it’s definitely fewer CALORIES. Sometimes I struggle eating the volume I need to make my points goal for the day [“9:30pm, damn I still have 2 points left, ok, I guess I’ll have a banana”] So far, this change fits well into my life and it feels fine, but only time will tell. I also haven’t tried going out o eat yet…

  17. Marley Says:

    Last summer I was wearing a size 10, at 16 and was weighing 145 and I totally hated my body. Then I started liking a wonderful guy who is my bestfriend. Without realizing it I began to eat really healthy trying to get prettier skin hoping he would notice me and without realizing it I started losing weight. After I started losing weight I decided to go ahead and and get a membership at the gym on my college campus (yes I started college early). But then I became obsessed with losing weight, it was all I thought about and it got to where I had pretty much STOPPED eating. I started dropping weight very quickly! went from a 8 to a two and never realized it. 3 weeks ago I got bought a skirt and grabbed a “2” to go try on and it was TO BIG!!! and I realized that even though I had lost so much weight I still didn’t feel skinny and weighing between 117-120 was not working for me and I wanted to weigh 110-115 (closer to 110) but I had hurt my body but starving it and now I have to eat and healthy! so my weight loss is now going slower then ever so PLEASE eat right, work out, and STAY HEALTHY! believe me its NOT worth it!

  18. kennnyyy Says:

    i’m turning 17 in a week, and i have been overweight since i was 14. i was a very very thin girl all my life, then when i started homeschooling for high school, my social life dropped and i became depressed at home eating and eating and barely doing any physical activities. i’m 5’6 and the heaviest i’ve been is 196 lbs. i am now 177 lbs. but i want to lose at least 30 pounds or more. This is very important to me because i am just siiiiiick of feeling bad every time i’m in public. i do have a curvy body so sometimes i’m good at hiding the fat rolls, but without clothes i just feel so ashamed. i think losing 10 pounds is very little, but little by little it is going to change my life for good. i really need this, thanks!

  19. TriedIt Says:

    Not every body is the same. Period. I personally only had 20 lbs to lose. I went to the doctor to have everything checked. I then went on the lemonade-cayenne-pepper diet for 10 days (in total taking 14 days from entrance to safe exit). I lost 10 lbs. It has not come back. I do know some who have done it and gained their weight back plus some. For me, it helped me to eat less. I still have 10 to go, but maintaining my current weight is effortless. I’m sure if I could stop drinking wine and eating cheese it wouldn’t be an issue! Listen to your body, not your brain or emotions!

  20. taylor b. Says:

    Hi I weigh 180-190 lbs. I’m a freshman and I’m tired of being depressed, i really want to lose 40 pounds in 4 months, but i don’t know how. I really just want a set diet on what i should do and how i should do it, but i can never find a workout team on line. I go to school during the day so it’s hard for me to eat breakfast and lunch. The school doesn’t have very many options that would follow a diet, but when i come home my dad doesn’t get home till after I’m in bed so I usually don’t have a very healthy dinner since what i eat is quick and easy. I cannot be overweight anymore. I’ve been getting more and more depressed. Please help me to have a plan to lose 40 pounds in 4 months!

  21. carzzzy Says:

    I am going to be 18 in a few weeks and will be going on my senior class trip. This is a huge trip for me since nobody in my class has ever really seen me in a bathing suit! I have been doing some workouts here and there and am currently 5’6″ and 131 pounds. My goal is to be 120-125 pounds before the trip! Is it possible and does anybody have any advice? I have 18 days before the trip so time is running out ! I have lost nine pounds as of now, but have been trying for about two months.

  22. Ashley Says:

    carzzzy i know im a little late but cut out all saugar, salt, dairy, wheat, gluton, yeast, chocolate and high fat foods.

  23. sarah Says:

    If you lose let’s say 6 or 7 pounds in 2 weeks, will you gain them back? Is it possible to maintain your weight after losing it quickly?

  24. iFitandHealthy.com Says:

    Yes, it is possible, assuming you have permanently changed your eating habits for the better.

  25. John J Says:

    I have lost weight very consistently in the past 3 months. I went from having a 40 inch waste to 33 inches and dropping. You have to eat right and excercise CORRECTLY to consistently lose belly fat. Gain muscle and get stronger and you WILL lose fat! Of you do high intensity workouts more than twice per week, you will be in great cardio shape, but you will also burn the muscle that is burning your fat.

    Workouts: Too lose belly fat: Weight training: 4 days/week, Bicept/Tricept together, Legs all together, Back alone, Shoulder/ Chest together. 4 sets of 8 reps for each lift (Using heavier weights will increase your muscle amd strength). Do 20-25 minutes of light cardio after listing (Brisk walk to light jog). Non lifting days is when you would do your higher intensity workouts.

    Eating: Eat most of your carbs (complex carbs) during breakfast and before and after your workouts. Eat more protein and less carbs after 6 PM. This will enable you to basically turn your body into a fat burning machine. Lose the fat first, than start running or doing your high intensity workouts more often to strengthen your heart and cardio more.

  26. Whatever Says:

    I just have to comment on the cayennepepper diet. I tried it and actually got my body fat percentage mesured by a doctor before and after the diet. I lost 23 pounds in 2 weeks (yes about 6 pounds was waterweight, the other 17 pounds really was fat). It is not even possible (as some other people are saying) to lose 20 pounds of waterweight. You will be completely dehydraded and pretty much buying yourself a coffin (unless off course by that time you’re already in one). Maybe it’s not the healthiest way out there, but at least it works.

  27. BLUE Says:

    Hi I’m really depressed I’m starting cheerleading in a week and they said that I can’t be on the team unless I lose weight I way 190 and I have to fit in to the uniform how do I lose weight quick because I want to have friends what do I do and it can’t be a big food diet

  28. Josh Says:

    Folks, it is simple.

    A calorie deficit is the true way to lose weight. Check out BMR calculators to find your daily level. If you burn 590 calories a day, you are lightly active. Then subtract 500 calories a day from this total and you will lose weight. It takes 3500 calories a week to lose 1 pound. So if you drop 500 calories and burn 500 calories, you will burn 2 pounds.

    Anytime someone starts a diet, they will lose 5 pounds of water weight. I read one comment where someone said this pepper diet is water weight. Yes, maybe the first 5 pounds. So those claims of people who lost 20 pounds starting out actually lost 15. If you are aiming for a specific weight goal, then technically you lost 20. But 5 of it wasnt fat.

    I was 290 a month ago and I’ve lost 23 pounds. You can subtract 5 if you want. How did I do it? Proper diet, 1500 calories diet, and exercise. Please check with your doctor though. Both my fiancee and I both checked with our doctors before beginning this diet. We used Slim Fast at first to help with the calorie crunch, but decided to wean ourselves from it because it was very sweet to the taste and not to include expensive. Slim fast has great recipies on their site to cook. I’m not much of a cook but I’ve cooked a few of them myself to help her out.

    My fiancee is around 340 though she lost 18 pounds in a month but in a year about 30. She has a goal weight in mind in 2 weeks so I am going to increase her exercise to 500 calories a day for 5 days a week (cardio). She is going to eat 1500 calories but I think we can trick her body into 10 pounds in 2 weeks. We have a lot of weight to lose so our bodies can handle it.

  29. Sammi Says:

    I’m 13 and have lost 10 lbs per week by exercising everyday for an hour. I lose about 20 lbs per month but I never have the time to exercise anymore other than gym but I wont have it next semester.

    I eat healthier than anyone I’ve ever met and I don’t lose weight from it, I’m still 173 lbs and I don’t eat bread because I’m allergic to the yeast and I dont drink soda or anything, the only “unhealthy” thing I eat it ice cream its occasional. So sometimes it doesn’t matter what you eat you could still stay the weight you are

  30. Mary Says:

    Um…I have a suggestion Sammi. See, your liver has two functions–burn fat and filter harmful substances out of your body. Obviously it can’t do two things at once and do an equally good job of both of them at the same time; it’s going to want to filter those bad substances from your body first. You say you eat really healthy and haven’t lost weight? Do you eat a lot of processed foods? Even stuff like Lean Cuisine counts. Cut down on those, especially top ramens. Those killed me–just by stopping eating those I lost 20 lbs in a month. No joke. And Coca Cola was another vice. You know in some states police use gallons of that stuff to get blood stains off of roads? Just do some reasearch.

  31. kat Says:

    I’m 22 and been trying to loose weight after recovering from knee surgery i was really thin after the initial surgery and was on bed rest when i started to learn how to walk again i maintained 110-115 and then after i got off pain meds and antibiotics i started gaining weight. in about 2 month i came to 135!! i managed to change my diet to 2 times a day with a fruit for breakfast and a healthy muffin some days. i eat salads with mozzarella cheese along with grapes for lunch and dinner i tend to have plain tortellini with polish sausage then an orange before bed i drink water and v8 because i’m not too fond of vegetables. i do take centrum and calcium and vitamin D as supplements. I walk everyday about 45 minutes and because of my knee i can’t do extraneous exercises that requires bending or high impact on my knee . I managed to loose 5 pounds im looking to go back to 115 and tone i was looking into clenbuterol to assist in helping me go about this a bit faster. i wish to loose the remaining 15 lbs in 2-3 weeks. Any suggestions? thank you remember exercise and tons of water!! good luck to everyone trying to loose weight!!

  32. FelineG Says:

    Hey guys, I know that many people will be oppossed to this idea (but this is a brainstorm forum so be openminded) Why not become a Vegetarian? Seriously, I lost 14 lbs in two weeks from cutting out meat and replacing it with vegetables and fruits. And I FEEL FABULOUS!!! I decided to become Vegetarian for my health, and then after doing it for a week I watched a movie called “Earthlings”, it turned into more of a moral issue. But the health results I’ve felt are substantial! I sleep better, my acne is better, and I am eating a more variety of healthy foods!!! It’s interesting because I tried the Atkins diet a long while ago, and I lost 42 lbs, but I gained it all back with an additional 10 lbs. But being Vegetarian is SO much easier for me. You know how all the diets say “This can’t be a diet, it has to be a lifestyle”? Well this IS a lifestyle without the delusions of a diet. It’s a decision you make and then you stick with it. I’m never going back to my eating habits again!

  33. Sally Says:

    I am a 13 year old girl going on 14 and im 5’6 i weigh 187 pounds i don’t LOOK fat because i carry my weight very well my family tells me all the time i believe them but i still feel depressed im in 8th grade and next year im going to be wanting to go to dances i want to loose 60 pounds before August but I have school 5 times a week and all day then when im home i have homework i dont have time to exercise for an hour everyday I want to exercise and eat right im going to try to eat right, i dont have the best eating habits either im very pretty so most guys don’t see that im chubby but if i were to loose this weight i would look so much better. please email me with your suggestions im sure they will help and i would be so thankful to receive them. Thank you.

  34. rose rey Says:

    I’m 23 years old I have 4 kids and I really want to loose weigbt. After my twins its been so hard to loose the weight I need advise on how to do this the right way. I had eating problems when I was a kid so this time doing it right for my kids is the best idea

  35. CelindaG Says:

    I am 42 yr old lady. Public school bus driver. I have put on weight from job type, I weigh 290lbs. I have been married for 25 yrs, husband tells me no longer attracted to me. I really want to lose weight for my health and appears. I forgot to say I am 5’2. Also I have exercise induced asthma. Thanks

  36. Anon Says:

    My new years resolution was to get down to 175 pounds. I am 22 year old guy 5’8 and started the year weighing 275 pounds. I have lost 15 pounds so far in 3 weeks. All that i am doing is running a calorie deficit.(1400 calories a day)the main difference in my food is that i drink only water now instead of soda and i no longer eat a snack before i go to bed. I also walk/ride my stationary bike for about 1 hr a day at a slow lesurely pace( i watch the daily evening news while i bike)

  37. James Says:

    I am a man in my mid forty’s 6′ 260 lbs (now 250) with a muscular build. For the past two weeks my diet is as follows: Breakfast (5:30 am) consists of 3 cups of coffee; 2 1/2 heaping Tbs of old fashioned oatmeal with splenda or a little raw honey and 1/2 cup of skim milk; 3 egg whites and one yolk. I don’t eat lunch, but instead, throughout the day starting about 8:30am i start snacking, until about 2:30pm; I eat 1 low calorie yogurt, 1 or 2 apples, 1 jalapeno pepper, 1 sandwich sized baggy of raw broccoli, same with raw green beans, 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 2 oz of cheese, and 6 oz of lean turkey(spit into 2 servings, eaten with the bread and cheese) and a handful of almonds. For dinner I eat 1 large skinless chicken breast with a modest serving of whole wheat pasta. I finish my day with 1-2 tsps of honey (look it up, it helps with weight loss and sleep). I exercise every 2-3 days. Almost all the foods i eat are low GI foods and and promote a high metabolism; I am guessing at 1300-1500 calories; also i do not get hungry. As I stated at the start I have lost 10lbs in two weeks and I have 40-50 to go.

  38. Lovely Says:

    I’m 37 years old and am trying to lose 20 lbs. I’ve tried the lemonade cayenne pepper diet, I lost about 5lbs. But quickly regained it plus some. I jog and eat tons of fruit and vegetables. I do have a problem eating breakfast though. I’ve tried several supplements and still have not been able to loose the weight. I have a very busy schedule with three children to take care of. I’m in desperate need of a diet plan that will help me shed these stingy 20 lbs. Please any suggestions are needed.

  39. Jack Says:

    Im a 54 year old man who has been over 40kg overweight mainly due to depression and comfort eating chips and chocolate. I developed diabetes and tried hard to turn things around with different diets but always came undone after a short period due to cravings. I got a lap band but even this didnt seem to help as it didnt deal with the cravings. In the end what is working for me was a combination of things. Firstly even though it didnt beat the cravings I finally discovered the lap band will deal with hunger on 3 small meals a day totalling 1200 calories – the secret is that the meals need to be high in protien to make you feel full and satisfied. A typical day for me is a sausage and egg mcmuffin for breakfast (335 cal), a couple of small ring pull cans of tuna for lunch (or chicken (approx 220 cal) and chicken or tomato soup for tea (300 cal) plus a 300 cal main meal – eg frozen meal, or some steamed dim sims, or half a chicken breast fan fried in olive oil ect. Plus plenty of water through the day (several litres) to flush the system. Its important to take a complete multivitaman daily and then you dont have to worry about that side. The hardest part was beating the cravings and I wasnt able to do that cold turkey – what worked for me in the end was cutting out the unhealthy foods I craved BUT weaning myself off them painlessly by allowing myself to eat any amount of any other food not on the banned list so I still had something ‘almost’ as nice to eat as the craved food. Then, after a few weeks of my body getting used to that it was much easier to then switch to the 1200 cal a day plan – and im finding now I feel like I could keep it up as long as I want, and the weight is starting to fall off. I also found I needed someone to be accountable to so I see a dietician every three weeks (costs $20 a week and less if on a health care plan). Between those strategies I am finding it is working for me after years of feeling weak and a lost cause.

  40. Mel Cortez Says:

    Hi there,I am 51 yr old woman, 5 moths ago I was 180lbs and 5’3 so I was at least 60 lbs overweight. I have lost 55lbs since then and I did it naturally. I was walking 5x a week for an hour a day, eating 1 whole wheat muffin and 3 scramble egg white and a cup of coffee for breakfast then for lunch, I have 1 can of green beans with no salt added, a cup of brown rice and 4oz baked chicken. and i love sweet mango or watermelon for dessert. for dinner i have brown rice again with 40z of any lean meat and a whole can of any low calorie can vegetables.I love to have sweet dessert after meal, so I made sure I always have any kind of fruit for dessert specially sweet mango! and make sure not to skip breakfast! very important if you’re trying to lost weight. you don’t have to have the same kind of food everyday but at least close to it. like instead of whole eggs, I use egg whites,instead of fried chicken,I eat baked and instead of white rice,I have brown,and instead of choc cake,I have fruit for dessert,so it’s just a matter of swapping a bad choice to a good one. so I hope this suggestion help,cause it really help me. power walking is amazing and also swinging your arms while walking burn more calories too. so good luck!!!

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