LipoDyne Fat Burning Serum

LipoDyne Fat Burning Serum

Can the LipoDyne fat-burning serum help you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Is LipoDyne more powerful than clenbuterol? Can LipoDyne spot-reduce your problem areas (think belly fat or love handles) as effectively as laser liposuction or other plastic surgery procedures? It is hard to say. Why? Because LipoDyne is a new product and its track record is a little light.

Some people claim that LipoDyne works great. And according to the ad above, LipoDyne has been “designed for real people,” not fitness models and professional athletes, to lose weight and get toned. Supposedly, it can decrease your body fat percentage by about 14 percent in just a few weeks, which, if true, is incredible. But the question is: Does this interesting fat-burning supplement actually work?

Frankly, I am not convinced. There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence that it works, but I think until we see at least a few solid scientific studies, we should not jump to any conclusions. It also goes without saying that while supplements are helpful in some cases, your first focus should be on changing your eating habits and being physically active. A good diet is the most powerful fat-burning “supplement” out there.

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