Lil Kim Weight Loss

Lil Kim Weight Loss

Lil’ Kim‘s weight loss is underwhelming. What is wrong with Lil’ Kim’s weight loss? First of all, it is great that she has lost weight. How much weight has Lil’ Kim lost? She has lost 20 pounds. Back in 1997, her weight was 125 pounds. Now her weight is 105 pounds.

That said, Lil’ Kim’s weight loss fails to inspire. Is she is just another celebrity who does not know how to lose weight? If she knew how to lose weight, why would she need to hire a personal trainer and sign up for a food delivery service?

The only good thing about Lil’ Kim’s weight loss is that unlike certain celebrities, Kim was smart enough not to fall for the clenbuterol’s weight loss powers and fad diets. But just like any other celebrity diet, Kim has lost weight on a completely unoriginal diet.

Lil’ Kim weight loss plan Three words: Freshology and a personal trainer. “Freshology is not a fad diet; it’s less about what you don’t eat and more about what you do,” says spokeswoman Amanda Brocato. The cost of Lil’ Kim’s diet? At $53 per day, it is not cheap, but she gets daily deliveries that provide her with a range of 1,200 to 1,400 daily calories.

“The key to losing weight,” says Amanda, “is correct portion sizes, using the best ingredients and making smart substitutions for ingredients like heavy cream, butter, salt and sugar.”

I agree with Brocato, except that there is nothing wrong with eating butter or heavy cream. In fact, both are very nutritious, assuming they are made from quality, unprocessed ingredients. Sugar, on the other hand, should be limited.

And there is something else; the key to a sustainable weight loss is in learning about nutrition and making healthy food choices based on that knowledge. I do not see how a food delivery service can help you do that. [via]

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  1. c Says:

    She looks best at this weight. At 4’11 with a petite bone structure, it is hard to carry more than 110lbs. I know I am 5’1.5 almost 5’2.

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