Leonardo DiCaprio Shirtless

Leonardo DiCaprio Shirtless

Leonardo DiCaprio shirtless – meh or hot? I think Leonardo DiCaprio’s shirtless look is kind of sad. What is wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio’s shirtless appearance on the beach? His body development is nonexistent. He looks like a little boy. Does DiCaprio exercise at all? Has he ever lifted a dumbbell? Can he bench his bodyweight?

The good news is that he is not overweight, and his bodyfat percentage seems low. However, there is a hint of belly fat in his midsection. His arms, chest and shoulders need major work, obviously. I think if he hires a personal trainer and a nutritionist, he can build some muscle mass pretty quickly. The only question is: Is he actually planning on doing it? I hope so but I doubt it.

What do you think – Leonardo DiCaprio shirtless – do you love his shirtless look or should he keep his shirt on at all times, even on the beach? [source: Star]

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