Leonardo DiCaprio Fat

Leonardo DiCaprio Fat

Is Leonardo DiCaprio fat? Is Leonardo DiCaprio fat or is he just overweight? Is Leonardo DiCaprio fat or is he clinically obese. Looking at Leonardo DiCaprio’s shirtless bod, it is clear that he is not obese. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is kind of debatable whether or not he is overweight or maybe even fat. Why is it debatable?

Because his body seems to be all over the place. He does not seem to be toned, skinny, overweight or fat. He is just blah. That having been said, at least one celebrity seems to think that these days, DiCaprio is fatter than he used to be. Maybe she was just kidding, but Kate Winslet said that DiCaprio is fatter now than during the time when they were making Titanic, which begs the following question: Is Kate Winslet fat?

Regardless of who is fat and who is not fat, I do not think he needs to lose weight. And I do not think he is fat. Perhaps he does not look as skinny today as he used to be, but he is not fat or overweight. He just needs to get toned. [source: Us Weekly]

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