Lean Cuisine Pizza

Lean Cuisine Pizza

This Lean Cuisine pizza ad says that you can “indulge your pizza cravings and still feel good about it.” But I always feel good about eating pizza. Why? Because I do not eat the Lean Cuisine pizza. Have I ever tried the Lean Cuisine pizza? No, I have not. Why not? Because I do not understand how the Lean Cuisine pizza can be a part of, well, lean cuisine. In short, I do not eat “healthy” pizzas, just like I do not eat “healthy” french fries.

The whole point of eating pizza or french fries is to indulge, isn’t it? I mean, if you are craving pizza, why would you want to eat the Lean Cuisine pizza, why not go for the real thing? If I go for a run, I run, I do not walk. If I am dieting, I follow the rules and eat healthy. But when the time comes to indulge my food cravings, I do not eat a fat free ice cream or something, I eat real ice cream. Otherwise it feels like cheating. I am cheating on my food cravings with something fake, which brings me to my next point.

Did you know that cheating on your diet is a good thing to do? I would actually say that it is almost necessary to cheat on your diet. Nobody can eat steamed vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins all the time, which explains why there is a perception out there that dieting does not work. It does work but it only works if you follow a healthy diet for, say, five days, and then cheat on your diet by indulging your food cravings for at least one day.

So while there is nothing wrong with the Lean Cuisine pizza, per se, do yourself a favor and eat a real slice of pizza, or two slices. Your cravings will thank you for it, and I bet you will feel more satisfied, too.

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