Leah Remini: Weight Loss and 1st Personal Diet

Leah Remini: Weight Loss and 1st Personal DietLeah Remini has lost weight, a lot of weight.

To shed 80 post-baby pounds in just four months – which seems rather extreme – Leah Remini relied on the 1st Personal Diet.

The individualized plan uses blood-test results to determine which foods will correct a woman’s hormonal imbalances and speed her metabolism.

Followers rave that the daily e-mails with personalized menus and words of encouragement from creator R. Cohen, M.D., make the $249 price tag (for a 12-week plan) worth it.

Have you tried the 1st Personal Diet? Does it really work? [source: First]

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69 Responses to “Leah Remini: Weight Loss and 1st Personal Diet”

  1. Edelweiss Linnon Says:

    I would like to be fit and trim annd most of all healthy.

  2. Bronte Says:

    Dr Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet is the only one that’s EVER worked for me in 30 years of dieting and even having had a lap band. It’s completely brilliant; totally safe and healthy and I can recommend it without hesitation. Huge weightloss in a short space of time without pain or suffering. In fact I’ve never felt better!!! No physical cravings; lots of energy; and four of my friends would all agree – one has lost 34 kilos since January!

    Go for it.

  3. Carro Says:

    The testimonials for Dr. Cohen’s 1st personal diet imply great success with large weight loss achieved in a short period of time. How are people doing 1 and 2 years later? Are they able to maintain the weight loss? A common diet caution is the faster you take it off, the faster it comes back on. Thanks. I appreciate any input.

  4. rhonda Says:

    I lost 40 pounds in 3 months on the first personal diet plan. I started in April 2007 and reached my goal weight of 130 near the end of July. It is now mid September and I have maintained my weight loss without much difficulty. I did have to make life changes that got me 40 pounds overweight. I had to significantly cut down or out sugar and sodas and stop eating carbs for 3 meals a day. I have stuck to a healthier diet since ending the program and feel and look great. I know for me I had to change what I ate and I found for myself the better food I eat I dont eat as much as when I ate the majority of carbs. The diet is awesome and helps get you on the right track to what your body really needs to run and feel great, not just on the diet but also afterwards.

  5. Sasha Says:

    I have 2 sisters and 1 friend that have lost large amounts (40, 77, 89 lbs) of weight with this diet in a span of a weeks and gained a large amounts of wrinkles and hanging skin in return. They look very old, haggard and saggy. The return eventual of “normal skin” after the dieting period was a myth for each of them. One has even undergone several plastic surgeries costing thousands of dollars in an attempt to look normal…tummy tuck, two upper arm reductions(huge scars), breast implants, mini face lift. They lost quickly alright but all three also had negative personality changes while on the program. The diet is extremely restrictive requiring strict weighing of all food. The amounts of food allowed is tiny as well as what is allowed is extremely limited.

  6. Gaye Says:

    I too would like to know what people think of this diet, I am on my second day and was horrified to find that my neighbor who is short I am tall, and my daughter are on diets which other than a couple of things are exactly the same??? this has made me wonder..
    It has cost me $680 her in Australia, and I was horrified to find that the portions of veges were almost nothing when weighed out.. anyone can loose weight when they eat almost nothing, and if the amounts and food are almost the same for everyone then why the blood tests..
    So yes I would be very interested to see what others think.. A bit of meat/chicken/seafood and a bit of veges eg 110g meat + 100g veges for lunch is not much, and veges are not weight gaining so why not more veges..

  7. UB Says:

    Leah was my inspiration to research the Cohen diet….she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I have been following the support group online which was formed for those on the diet, as well as those who have completed their success and find that there is nothing out there like it. The success of both the weight loss and lifestyle changes seem to outweigh any cost financially. I have also noticed that people have had significant improvements in their blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol as well as they have been able to go off meds, including that which was prescribed for acid reflux. I dont know about you, but after dieting for a large amount of my life, I look forward to registering. It will be nice to be on a diet where I can eat the groceries I have at home, rather than buy required foods made by the company itself. They teach you what your body needs…and I love education. :) Good luck everyone!

  8. erin esposito Says:

    I did 1st personal diet last year and lost 16 pounds in two weeks. I was down 24 within the first month and felt great and I had no more skin flapping then I would have after being on any other diet. I had surgeries that prevented me from staying on the plan then, but I just registered and am looking forward to starting soon.

  9. Cathy Says:

    I have been on Dr. Cohen’s diet since Jan. 18, 2008, and to date have lost 59 lbs. I feel wonderful…have loads of energy….am never hungry….and most importantly– I have been taken off of 3 of my 4 meds for high blood pressure, and my glucose level has gone from 97 to 86. I’m thrilled! My clothing size has gone from 24 to 18….and I’m starting to look like I did when I first met my husband! I still have abou 100 lbs to lose, but it’s easy…and I will continue on this program until I’ve reached my goal. Love it!!

  10. Lorraine Says:

    I am intrigued by how this Cohen’s diet works, but not enough to pay $700 Australian to find out for myself. Why the incredibly hush-hush secrecy?? It is so hard to find any info about this diet on the Web, other than the obviously-biased feedback on the official website.
    Why is everybody so afraid to actually publish what is on their own diet sheet? I too am highly suspicious that everyone’s diet plan is basically the same, despite the blood tests which are supposed to guarantee a diet personalised to one’s individual results. I knew a gal who was doing this. She had lost a heap of weight with it before, then gained it back in drayloads. She started again full of zest, but after 3 days of eating 1 egg, an apple, a couple of crackers and some boiled mushrooms, soon gave up.
    I have recently lost 37 lb in 11 weeks of eating a Very Low Calorie Diet, about 450 – 600 cals per day on average, with a few days of higher cals. I had no cravings or hunger on this, and continued to work full time, walk several hours per week, garden, and do intense weight training throughout. I presume that I have just been doing something quite similar to Cohen’s by coincidence, and therefore kicking my natural hormonal processes into gear. I ate non-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese plus berries for breakfast, or sometimes 1 yolk + 4 whites; lunch and dinner I ate virtually unlimited veggies (often 500 – 600g per day) either in soup or steamed or as salad; and I ate from 100 – 125g (raw weight) of no-fat chicken, white fish, prawns, pork, beef, or lamb, twice daily. Often ate 1/2 large grapefruit, and the juice of a lemon per day. Added spices, herbs, lots of hot salsa, sometimes a few drops of tasty sesame oil, soy sauce, diet jelly, apple cider vinegar, and allowed myself about 1 cup of milk (mostly full-fat) in my tea & decaf daily. The occasional cake or cookies (about once per 2-3 weeks) seemed to make no difference at all to my weightloss.
    I find that with the intensity of exercise I’m doing, all my 52-year-old skin is firming up wonderfully. Bingo wings are all-but-gone! along with lots of aches & pains that had been plaguing me for years.
    Can anybody tell me how different this is, from what they have experienced on Cohen’s?

  11. Joan Says:

    I am agreeing with others who think that this diet is just a low-carb, low dairy, low-fat diet … but the difference for me so far (just a few days) is that I’m not hungry. I am amazed at the small amount I am eating and feeling satisfied and that has almost never been true.

    It sounds like Loraine stumbled upon it all by herself and I ask myself some of the same questions about the quantity of vegetables (I am NOT weighing lettuce!).

    The rationale for me was that I was actually paying for a consultant … someone to keep me accountable to the diet. I could go to Weight Watchers but I’ve tried it several times and have never lost the weight … it was just up and down, down and up, and every week forking over $12.50 to them until I reached “goal” (which I never did). So for something that works I’m more than pleased to pay this small amount … even if the diet is like every other dieter in the world. If it works then that’s all I care about.

    So maybe it is kicking in something that I haven’t been able to access before … I don’t know what and I don’t know how but I’m finding it pretty easy to follow.

    I look forward to hearing how others are doing.

  12. LucyLu Says:

    I am currently on Cohens. I agree with those who question the ethics of the plan and I agree there should be more of the “scientific research” published which apparently supports the findings of R Cohen M.D but the long and short of it, the plan works for me. I have read quite extensively about insulin, hormonal balance, body types etc etc and I lead a very healthy lifestyle, own vegetable garden, no processed foods, fitness training 3 times a week…but the creeping scales is my enemy and Cohens is the only combination of foods which gets me back on track. – I wish I knew why this particular style of diet works for me, but for now I am truly grateful to have found it – it really has changed my life for the better. I feel energized, happy, my skin has NEVER sagged from the quick reduction in weight. I lost 50 pounds on Cohens last year and soon after I had extensive health and fitness tests done at a medical clinic, including a Bio Impedance Analysis – which basically gives you a true age of your body (internally) – I am 35 but my true age was 20 years!!!! I wish I had the same test prior to starting Cohens-it would have been interesting to compare, but the doctor was very impressed and did state that he hadn’t had a great result like that for 10 years!!
    My advice to anyone considering the program – go for it – enjoy the new you.

  13. Anne Says:

    I agree with Lorraine here – there’s too much secrecy involving this diet. And I’m not utterly convinced that they give you a personalized diet – I have a sneaky suspicion everyone’s diet is almost the same. One loses weight far too quickly on this diet which isn’t good because it’s a well known fact that the faster you lose weight while dieting, the faster you gain it back!

    I know someone who is currently on this diet and has lost in excess of 20kg in a month. They aren’t allowed to exercise either. One is allowed diet soda and coffee – which contain caffeine – which makes me think if this is not the reason why they have so much “energy”. I know when I drink loads of coffee and diet soda I don’t sleep as much.

    Sorry, but I”m a skeptic when it comes to diets as a whole as the Doctor or business on the other end just land up getting richer and you’re the poor sod at the bottom of the food chain who battles.

    I’m one for exercise and eating healthy – no fads – I believe that’s the only way to do it over the long-term. The success of any diet is keeping the fat off over the long-term anyway, and I haven’t come across any long-term success stories concerning the Cohen diet – everyone I’ve met seem to be new dieters to the Cohen 1st Personal diet. Perhaps this is what all the secrecy is about, especially on their Forum, which I find to be very one-sided, I guess someone who signs up there and has failed on their diet over the long-term won’t be allowed to post.

    People should stop being so naive, these guys play on a person’s desperation to lose weight fast.

  14. Zoe Says:

    I have lost 20 pounds in two months on Dr. Cohen’s plan. I don’t even care why or how it works as long as the results are remarkable and they are! It was worth the $249 to learn that I was simply consuming more food than my body needed… Enough of that! I’m looking to lose another 11 pounds and am committed to keep it off even if it means eating like the plan suggests for life… Rock on Dr. Cohen!

  15. Anne Says:

    Yeah rock on Dr Cohen – take a look at the Zone diet, I’d say they’re one and the same! And no-one knows the long-term side-effects of starvation diets which do in effect take away one’s appetite within 3 days. Rock on Dr. Cohen!! People tend to suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies too. Yeah Rock on Dr Cohen. Why don’t people just get off their butts and exercise and use some common sense when it comes to eating? Rock on Dr. Cohen! Rock on the Zone diet – which is known to have very few long-term successes!

    What they don’t tell you:

    1) Dieting slows down your Basal Metabolic Rate.
    2) Dieting slows down your Resting Metabolic Rate.
    3) Dieting makes you lose your muscle mass.
    4) Dieting makes your body increase it’s number of fat cells

    Yeah – rock on Dr Cohen!!!!! Way to go!!!!

  16. lissa Says:

    could someone please tell me what a typical day of food is like??? I know they are all supposed to be differenct but I would just like an idea of the calorie count. Also, how long some of the people were actually able to keep the weight off.

  17. cheryl Says:

    Dr Cohen has done the research (for which many should be gratefu), he has had the results…and we are reaping the benefits. What more needs to be said?

    Many years ago a very important statement was made by Gayelord Hauser – a nutritionist in the 50’s. He said that 40 years from then, endocrinology would be a much studied field…and that statement has materialized.

    Endocrine glands play a huge part in our well-being and if the truth be known , we are ‘naught but a jangle of hormones!’ Thanks Dr Cohen for making the jangle sound more like a jingle!

    An amazing man with amazing accomplishments!…I would suggest that any reader should address the wealth of treasures that he has given to infertile coulples and now the great help to obesity sufferers.

    He has no obligation to reveal his diet’s ‘fomulae’ to anyone! This doctor’s success has come by 99% persperation and 1% inspiration.

    In much appreciation of Doctor Cohen.

  18. Kim Says:

    I have just registered for Dr. Cohen diet plan and can’t wait to start it! For all of you that are so negative, I just want you to know you have no impact on those of us that truly appreciate his expertise and want to make a positive change in our life….one that will last a life time if you want it to. God gave us all the gift of chosing our pathes in life, I feel sorry for those of you that prefer to try and place not just rocks but boulders in another person’s way.

  19. naseema Says:

    hi i did the diet 3 year ago mentine the weigth very well but around last year i had to go on and antidepression table call zoloft weigth gain can i repeat the same diet or do i need new one am no longer on zoloft

  20. Sanne Says:

    My mom has had great results with this diet and I never expected her to do so well. She hasn’t gained any weight back and she started a year ago.

    To be honest, I think if you eat that little, anyone can lose weight. That is why they are so secretive: those diets barely differ. It’s the same bloody diet. Nothing personal about it in my opinion.

    What I don’t understand is why it costs Americans $249 and in Europe it costs between €600 – €700!! For the same diet plan! That’s robbery. And it really isn’t healthy to eat so little, no matter how ‘energized’ you feel. Probably some survival mechanism to give you the energy to gather some more berries.

  21. Naresh Says:

    I have been on this for a month and have lost 8 kgs. I was aiming to lose 10 but I blame my cheats for not being there.

    I have no worries about anything bad said up above – Yes the portions are small and it gets pretty boring/repetitive, BUT im doing this to shed the kilos and the centimetres.

    I DO get hungry sometimes but the 2L of water def helps.

    I cant make a comment on how thinks will pan out down the line, but for now im all for the diet !!!

  22. Tiffany Says:

    Okie dokie, so i’m really trying to lose some pounds and inches. I have tried sooooo many other diets that it is almost sickening to even talk about. But I just cannot believe how great Leah Remini looks. I figure, the best way to lose weight is to do your research and find out how others have accomplished weight loss. I live in the US so i paid 250 bucks for this baby. I’m currently waiting for my plan to come in but I will definitely keep you all posted on how it works. Wish me luck!

  23. Dsolver Says:

    Tiffany, it’s been roughly two weeks…have you received your plan and if so how are you doing? A friend’s friend has been doing this since Oct. 2008 and today she has lost 70lbs. I’m interested and doing research. Let me know truly how you’re doing. Thanks!

  24. Dani Says:

    Typical day on Cohen Diet:

    Meal 1:

    55 g cheese (no feta) 70 g vegetable
    1 egg 80 g vegetable
    1 yoghurt (can be mixed with fruit from allowance)

    Meal 2:

    105 g meat 105 g vegetable
    115 g chicken 105 g vegetable
    100 g fish 120 g vegetable
    110 g fish 105 g vegetable
    65 g cheese (no feta) 110 g vegetable
    55 g feta 115 g vegetable

    Meal 3:

    90 g meat 120 g vegetable
    110 g chicken 110 g vegetable
    120 g fish 95 g vegetable

    Cracker: 6

    Fruit : 3

  25. Tom Says:

    To “Anne”: it’s not the same as the Zone diet and I’ve been on the diet for 12 weeks, lost 46 lbs, and considerable improved my muscle strength and tone over the course of the diet (doing yoga for that).

    Let the nay sayers carry around their extra weight and be right about how the diet doesn’t work.

    Me, I’m going to be the healthiest I’ve been in my life, weight less than I did in High School, look great, and be busy with something else in my life than explaining why I can’t lose weight.

  26. karol Says:

    I did the program 3 years ago before going o/s I was really motivated and was happy as the weight dropped off. I found it hard to get to goal weight as I was starving near goal weight and found I was binging alot and going around in circles. I had a baby 6 months ago and binged during most of pregnancy and have 30kg to lose. I am breastfeeding so can’t do the diet at the moment. Once I finish Bfeeding I will go back to Cohens to dropp the weight.

    The food options are the same for everyone it is the quantaties that are different ie give or take 15gms up or down. You will lose weight following other peoples programs.


  27. Mindy Says:

    I too was very successful on Dr. Cohen’s Diet. I lost 50 pounds in a little over a year. I kept it off as long as I stayed on Dr. Cohen’s diet. I gained 30 pounds back since September of this year. UGH! I even went to Weight Watchers to help maintain the weight loss but since there is not very much food on Dr. Cohen’s diet I continued to gain the weight. In all fariness to the diet I never did follow the maintenance plan I went straight to eating larger quantities of food. I am once again following the orginial diet that was sent to me while attending Weight Watchers. The diet deisgned for me comes out to 18 Weight Watchers points. I am supposed to be eating 23 points a day, so there is a significant difference. All that being said the diet did work. My sister bought the diet as well she weighs more than I do and the only difference was the quantity. All of the food choices were exactly the same so I do not buy into the specially designed food angle. Sooooo here I go again, wish me luck!

  28. Amy Says:

    Sounds similar to the Suzanne Somers diet. Is anyone familiar with that diet. I also lost 30 pounds being on it and then I stopped eating correctly and all the weight came back. Not rocket science.

  29. jol Says:

    To all of u,

    Every person has got the right to follow any diet they wish,we are all adults here,are we not?people are so judgmental when one loses weight quick,esp on Dr Cohen’s remind me again,what are they doing here if it’s a sham,or a reap off? Let us (the cohenites) decide for ourselves, if i had to chose between gaining 30kg’s in 3 months(with all its side effects) and losing 30 kgs in 3 months (with all the side effects), i would chose to lose, as for those who says the food is little, you get wrinkles, you become moody, blah,blah,blah…please, be our guest and go to gym, and let us be. if i am “being naive”..let me be,IN PEACE.

    Rock on Dr Cohen!

  30. cecilia Says:

    I have been on it for almost 6 weeks, I have lost 11.6 kilos(25lbs). I think it really teaches portion size I have 10 more kilos to go, In europe it costs more than 1000usd, in usa about 325 I think. I wonder too about how “personal” the plan is, but its working and quickly-on the forum there are a lot of maintainers but fat isn’t just physical their are alot of people with hang ups that keep them heavy -especially the lifers and people with fat families, and food focused lifestyles.

  31. Esme Says:

    I’m interested in starting the Cohen’s diet. Just curios are all vegetables allowed or only certain ones?

  32. dave Says:

    I have been on the diet for 2 weeks and have lost 8kg’s so far. Importantly I have had no cravings and find it quite easy to follow. My diet differs quite drastically to the one Dani left on the page with regards to the weights and the amount of fruits you can eat. Got another 8 kg’s to go, hope to complete it within another 4 weeks and then I will definitley to the re feeding programme to keep the weight off.

    Great diet!!!

  33. Angie Says:

    I have been on dr cohen for 14 weeks. I have so far lost 15 kg. My immune system is run down, got flu twice since i started. I only lost 6 in the first month. And only 9 since then. I am losing less than they expected. I have another 16 to lose and cannot see myself doing this diet for another 4 months or so. I asked them if i can stabalise or do the refeeding before hand, apparently i will still pick up everything if i stop. This diet puts life on hold if followed 100% correctly. Please give advice.

  34. Tamelyn Says:

    I have joined the program. I am currently waiting for my diet to arrive. I stay in SA and the diet including blood tests has cost me in the region of R3400.00 I am just hoping it works for me, or I will get a big “I told you so” from my hubby.

  35. Sharna Says:

    Hello Everyone. I just want to say that I’m very excited about starting Dr. Cohans diet. Like many of you I have also tried numerous diets with little to no results. I have come to a breaking point in my life and am tired of being fat and miserable. I just turned 30 and am feel tired, winded, and unhappy. I just pray that this diet helps me because it is very expensive, especially in this economy. I will keep everyone posted and hope that whom ever tries this diet finds success. Wish me luck!!! :)

  36. Melissa Says:

    I have been on the 1st Personal Diet for 7 weeks and have lost 26lbs. I LOVE the diet! It is the first diet that I have actually been successful with! I cannot figure out why doctors are not recommending this to their overweight patients? This diet has saved my life! I feel fantastic. I sleep better, feel better, and am on cloud 9. Anyone that struggles with weight loss needs to give this one a try!

  37. Ghada Says:

    Dear All,

    Many heavy people gets frustrated and become very willing to try weight loss medications which are known to be extremely risky. So why not think positive and try this diet which only plays with food quantities and mix to help you achieve your goal. If you are dying to loose some weigh and look good then you can’t do it on your own, you need a coach and a mentor and that’s what I think this diet is about. I can’t find such help in Egypt, so this is why I am seeking it on the internet. I have just purchased the program and waiting for it to come, will let you all know how I am doing. Good luck.

  38. Lisa Says:

    HI there
    I had started the Cohen diet in 2007 ending but due to surgery had to stop. I then tried again in 2009 and lost 20 kg. It was not easy. When I called my agent to go for re-feeding, she insisted i repay R3000-00. I had already paid that amount in 2007 upon registering and according to Cohen the price included the re-feeding. She still absolutes refuses to submit my blood for re-feeding until I pay another R3000-00. Her arguement is that I have wasted 2 years so I need to re-register. I thin kthat this is a rip off and refuse to pay R3000-00 again. Can anyone who has the re-feeding programme please help me so that I dont gain the weight back again. I really am desparate. Perhaps you can email it to me.

    Many thanks

  39. tampabaygirl Says:

    I have been on 1st pd for almost 3 weeks and have lost 11 lbs. I’m 40yrs old and am5′ 7″ and only wanted to lose about 25-30 lbs. So for me, a diet that I can lose weight quickly as I’m not obese, this has worked well.
    It seems the food is the same for everyone and just varied portions like mentioned above. It is somewhat difficult to wait 5 hours between meals, I’m a snack addict. You can have fruit or crackers to snack on so I have disciplined myself pretty well. Also the water is very important, which I don’t drink much normally but now that someone is making me i do. My energy has been fine, no starvation, no mood swings, no health concerns.
    It really reminds you how much we all should be eating instead of the massive overeating we all do regardless of your metabolism!

  40. rarity Says:

    I am excited to start this diet. I am horribly overweight and I hope that on this diet regardless of whether other people may have similar or same food plans as I that I do not get too hungry. It is the hunger that kills my efforts. I am a stickler to detail, and I know that given specific guidelines as this diet does, I can do it. Please, please, please, satisfy the hunger thats all! I can do it, I will do it.

  41. Dee Says:

    I’m gonna start the diet pretty soon. A few of my church members have started it, including my worship dance teacher who just completed it. She lost 47 lbs in 3 months. Her husband, our choir director, did it first. I personally think he’s just a little too skinny now though. Other members are on it right now and its kinda scary to see how small they’ve gotten since Christmas. I’m 22, 5’8, about 260 lbs, which is not good at all. I feel like i’ve been on a diet since i was 10. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe it until i’ve seen it type. And just watching all of them lose the last few months is enough for me. So i’ll update you when I start. Good luck to everyone.

  42. Rencia Says:

    My diet is also completely different than Dani’s :)

  43. Shona Says:

    OK I compared my portions with the ones posted above for a typical day on the Cohen diet. They are different. Not the foods, but the weights. But only by 10 or 15 GRAMS here and there. Can this really make such a difference? I know that your food is meant to be your medicine, but does the human body really respond that much to such a tiny difference in amounts of food, and such a tiny difference in proportions of protein to carb?? If we respond that dramatically, why aren’t we all dead? Could it be that the mystery, and the high cost, are what draw people to do this diet in the first place? Once you have spent all that money you are more inclined to stick with it no matter what. I did the diet over 20 years ago. I felt terribly cold, especially at night, my teeth felt weird – over sensitive, I was VERY irritable and although I lost a lot of weight it literally FLEW back on after stopping. I later tried Body For Life, which worked much better, although obviously much slower.

  44. Ruth Says:

    I also did the 1st personal diet and lost 33 pds I never got to the refeed program and have graually gain all the weight back. I have tried to restart but this time find it to difficult to do.

  45. Stephanie Says:

    I registered for this diet 2 years ago after seeing a friend in Australia and how great she looked. I started out at 150 lbs and a size 8-10. 12 weeks later, I was 130lbs and a size 2. It was not so much the weight loss as it was the size loss. Amazing. I did the re-feeding, which ended up being about 2 weeks, AND IS A MUST TO MAKE YOU KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. I ate normally after that, including pizza, pasta, chocoloate in my diet and only gained 1-2 lbs, which I immediately lost once I ate ‘good’ for a day or two. I kept off weight for about 2 months and then got pregnant! However, I only gained 28 lbs during pregnancy and lost 18 pounds of it the first week after having the baby. I was still struggling with the last 10 lbs, so I decided to do it again. They say that the diet is for life if you do not gain more than 10 lbs or have a baby. Well, before I fork over another $250, I figured I would try my original diet. I am 3 weeks into the diet and am 1/2 way to my goal of 130 lbs. I started out at 143 lbs and a size 8. I am currently 135 lbs and a size 4. Again, the size different is what is amazing me. I will do the re-feeding as required as I’m convinced this diet works as long as you see it through and stick to the plan and no major cheating. However, I am a little skeptcial and someone cranky, as I have had three other friends do this and our FOODS are the exact same, however, our quantities are different. It kinda sucks to see that the foods are the same, as you would think that our body chemistry would allow different foods, etc. However, this diet does work and I am never hungry. They say you should never cheat, that it could set you back a week, but I”m not sure what they consider “cheating”. I guess my cheats have been things like 1/2 a cheese slice on my tuna and a small amount of ketchup on my eggs or 1 oreo cookie when I just couldn’t take it anymore. However, these little cheats never seemed to hamper my weight loss or size loss. All in all, the $250 definately made me stick to it. I also find that is it a complete mind game you have to play with yourself to stick to it. You have to become very creative with your herbs and spices, but can turn out some pretty yummy meals. The BBQ rocks. I cook a lot with Garlic and Water and use saltine-soda crackers as a base for a lot of things. A new recipe I tried, ground turkey, shredded applies, crushed up saltines, poultry seasoning, make a patty and throw it on the grill. YUM.

  46. Tania Says:


    Sorry about the caps. Really want a response asap. I’m thinking of joining up and i noticed you’re allowed 3 fruit servings per day? What kind of fruits can you eat and how much of it? What would be a typical day of fruit servings? I liked Dani’s list of “Typical Day on the Cohen’s diet” however, it wasn’t specific on how much fruit and what kinds, as well as how many crackers per day (weight). I just want to know how much i’d be eating if i was on this plan. Want to make sure i can survive. I know people say it’s doable but i want to see how much i’ll be eating. Also, can you use oil, salt, dressings etc?

    Any response would be just great! Thanks for all and congrats on your success!

  47. Stella Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    No oil, Yes salt, pepper, curry powder, no ‘mixes’ though. I think the fruit and crackers is individual in amount and in ‘type’. My program recommends an apple a day and another one (acc. to list) and 5 provita pyotts crispbread! Even though the basic meat and veg may be similar, the portions are different and the allowed not allowed will differ per individual. I hope this helps you! I am on the plan now for 19 days with 8kg weight loss, and I am totally delighted with my results, so I will not be bothered by the doom and gloom peeps. Good luck and a tip is to keep yourself inspired by positive input for yourself! Go Girl!

  48. Stacey Z Says:

    Sharing my story in case it helps someone out there. Bottom line is YES I whole-heartedly recommend this plan. I started the Cohen program in June/July of 2009 weighing in at 161 lbs at 5′ tall – miserable. The first couple of days were very tough, but afterward I found the eating plan simple to stick to. Simple, not easy. I dropped 17 lbs in the first 4 weeks, 6 lbs the next 4 weeks, 4 lbs the next 4 weeks, 5 lbs the next 4 weeks – for a total of 30 lbs in 4 months (I renewed the program after 12 weeks). Then, I decided to take a break from the plan as the holidays were approaching I was getting tired of the same food over over again and I knew I would deviate during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although I had not yet reached my goal or done the ‘refeed’ portion of the plan, I found that it was not difficult to maintain my weight loss despite eating or drinking pretty much anything I wanted. Yes, I would gain a few lbs but then I would get back to eating the Cohen recommended food and it would drop off again. So, in month 5, I still weighed 131. Month 6, 134. Month 7, 137. Month 8, 133. Month 9, 131 again. It has not been a struggle. Now I have renewed the program as I have another 20 lbs to drop before I get to ‘refeed’. I have done it at my own pace and it has been great. GO FOR IT! You will be glad you did.

  49. Belle Says:

    I’m from Singapore and just a week into the diet, and I am happy with it. It strikes me though that those who find it very restrictive and hard to stick with are not doing enough in terms of creative cooking. I play around with the seasonings allowed, and adapt non-diet recipes to fit the allowances provided in the diet. So I’m not at all bored by the diet. I love mango, which is allowed on the diet, and find that if you add it to anything at all, it becomes instantly delicious. Just put some of your fruit allowance into your main meals, and it zests things up. Lemon and orange zest too are just great for some livening up of things! And I’ve discovered RICOTTA, which is like eating mayo, so I have that often for breakfast! The diet is allowing me to become amazed at how I can actually have delicious, taste-fulfilling meals without oil, without carbs, with lean meat (which I abhored in the past).

    Already, I can see how I can maintain my weight after I’ve finished the programme. Make sure you eat small portions on festive occasions, aim for carbs in just one meal, have only one protein per meal (which means you can’t put cheese on meat!), and keep the five hour break between meals.

  50. Steven Says:

    Full Disclosure: I’m looking into this, as my wife is interested. Her co-worker is on it and has lost significant weight quickly. I was told she lost 12 lbs in 1-2 weeks. I’m not on the diet, nor is my wife so I can’t go into actually day to day implementation. I can tell you, basically, how the diet works though.. at least in part.
    I’ve got a slightly greater than normal background in biology and anatomy as I was pre-med but I didn’t end up following that path. I also worked in the Health food business for a while and did my independent research (I didn’t recommend most of what was marketed)

    I assume that a large portion of this is centered around insulin control. The emphasis on carb control is the give away. They also don’t recommend the diet if you’re diabetic. Insulin, as you probably know, regulates your blood sugar levels. It does this (at least in part) by affecting the transport of nutrients at a cellular level. Too much blood sugar is bad, so a normal person’s body will increase insulin levels. The increase in insulin will shift cellular intake to sugar over other nutrients [fat]. Your blood lipid levels are also regulated so when insulin shifts the mitochondria to sugar burning mode, the lipids [fat] is stored rather than burned.

    This is a big reason why processed sugars make you fat. 100 calories [kcals] of Coke-a-Cola is worse for you than 100 calories of protein, complex carbs, or even [possibly] fat. It directly manipulates your body into storing the free fats rather than burning them.

    So, without knowing all the details of the plan, I’ll say that my best guess is that they use the blood workup to gauge your insulin sensitivity. I’m guessing they’re also looking for things like Ketones and such to determine how your body processes proteins and such. Blood lipid levels are probably used to guage how much fat you should be intaking.. which is why some people have reported that they couldn’t eat Salmon while others could. I was looking at another web site that said there is no research indicating blood tests could be used in a diet program. This isn’t strictly true. There is plenty of information available in a blood test that can be applied to a diet plan based on research. There’s plenty of research on insulin and metabolic processes for example.

    One last point.. increased insulin levels [supposedly, I can’t confirm] increase protein uptake into cells. Body Builders, serious ones, are very aware of how Insulin affects the body. My understanding is that insulin acts as a transport for amino acids into muscle cells (probably more accurate to say it manipulates permeability to amino acids but I don’t know the physiological details). Insulin can make you fat.. but it can also increase you ability to build muscle. This is a total shot in the dark but I suspect that they intentionally downplay exercise on the program because you’re recover might be impaired by the manipulation of your insulin levels.

    I hope this helps. I hope I didn’t get too many of the details wrong but this is my overall understanding of how the diet probably works.My guess is that it’s probably very affective and it probably is actually tuned to each person. I’m skeptical of some of the claims, simply because there’s an enormous calorie deficit in something like 12lbs of fat. However, it’s entirely possible that people are loosing weight in other ways too (like retaining less water).

    Cheers.. and I hope you find this helpful.

  51. Aida Says:

    I’m currently doing the 1st personal diet. I’ve consistently lost, on average, 10-13 lbs. per month since starting March 30. I have not exercised and feel great. I am looking forward to finishing, since for me it’s very restricting. I would recommend this to everyone.

  52. Bridget Says:

    Gee, can you pick out the comments left by people who work for the website? “Oh, this diet works, I was never hungry, and I feel great!” Yeah right. I don’t care how scrawny you are, you get hungry. Unless you’re a crack head, your body desires food whenever you smell it cooking, or when it’s visually appealing. That’s why fast food commercials work, and why grocery stores are set up the way they are. To get you to buy food. Some foods even contain ingredients designed to make you HUNGRIER! This diet is purely about portion control, and eating the same bland, tasteless food day after day after day. Yes you will lose weight, but as with any starvation diet, as soon as you eat a crumb of regular food, KAPOW! Weigh gain. Bon Appetite!

  53. ACG Says:

    I am 5’3″. Used to weigh 153lbs. Now weigh 117lbs. Started the diet Sept. 11 2009. Completed, including re-feeding, Dec. 4th. 2009. Maintaining weight well. Sometimes over-eat, gain a couple of pounds, easy to get off if I cut out carbs and starches for a couple of days. Only diet I’ve tried that worked this well. Have gotten many friends and family (10 and counting) on it. Very successful for them also. A couple did not do the re-feeding program and started gaining weight back, had to re-start program to lose it then do re-feeding program. The re-feeding seems to be key for maintenance.

    I was very hungry the first week, you are not supposed to exercise much on the progam but I did a little (it increases hunger). Once I stopped it definitely helped. Most of the others I know did not feel hungry at all. Hardest was no alcohol – I basically stopped my social life for the first month until I could resist all temptation to cheat. By the way, foods are the same for all – portions are different as mentioned above, as well as some of the combinations (we compared our programs).

    We all experienced a few differences, but we all lost very fast – sort of scares some people who have not seen you recently. If you do not have self-discipline, this is not for you. If you do not mind making a major lifestyle change for a few months it is very well worth it.

  54. ACG Says:

    Ps. to the above. I eat and drink everything. There are some rules for maintenance, however. No carbs or starches for breakfast. Carbs, starches and dessert once a day (lunch or dinner)- but the portion is not limited. So I will have a big bowl of pasta and slice of cheese cake, or pizza and chocolate mousse, or lasagne and cake, macaroni and cheese and a hot fudge sundae, etc., almost every day. I just try to keep it to once a day. I am not always successful as I mentioned above – holidays, parties, PMS. But not a big deal if I am good for a few days. I like to snack on cheese and crackers, which is the recommended snack. I eat lots of steak and barbeque. Oh, and fruit no more than once a day – recommended once off the diet. I am also back to exercising regularly – which I did before the diet because I liked it, it just never helped me lose weight, just kept my fat looking good. I hope this helps with those who worry about having to diet for the rest of their lives. Food can be awesome, but so is feeling and looking good.

  55. Ellie Says:

    thank you Steven for your synopsis of the diet, that was my guess too. I have been on the diet. I have lost 36 lbs, a few more to go. My sweet tooth has disappeared. I didn’t exercise for the first 2 weeks but now am back on my regular exercise program, with no problem. The food was not bland – but that maybe because I enjoy cooking. And I FEEL so much better. And I know someone who lost her weight nearly three go and has never put it back on. there are many diets out there, this is one that has worked for me.

  56. Sue Says:

    Hi guys, I am from Spore and just signed up for the program 2 days ago. Did my blood test yesterday and am super excited to receive my plan next week. Just like many others, I have tried and tested a ‘million’ diet fads but to no avail. This is kind of like my final resort as I am preparing for my upcoming wedding. I need to lose approximately 23.5 kg to reach my ideal weight. Hope to achieve this successfully. Good luck to all Cohenites!

  57. Angie Says:

    I am doing the 1st Personal diet, hoping to accomplish one of my resolutions. I am a little nervous because I am a lousy cook. I love hearing all the success stories. Still wondering about the people who started weeks ago, what’s up? Keep us posted, I’ll try to do the same. GOOD LUCK!

  58. Mark Says:

    I have been on the Dr Cohen Diet for 16 weeks and lost 27 Kg (60 lbs) no flabby skin and I feel great, this is the only diet that has ever worked for me. Its simple, if you return to your old eating habits you WILL return to your old fat self! I am enjoying my new thin life and I cant wait to start exercising, I cant thanks Dr Cohen enough for giving me my life back. For the skeptics on here, my advice to you would be to stop trying to find out what’s “wrong” with the diet you are just wasting time to a newer you, follow the “eating programme” posted above for 2 weeks I dare you!

  59. Chuvaroo Says:

    I am from Manila, Philippines and have been on Cohen Diet for 13 weeks already. To Bridget above, I am not from the clinic. I have lost 24 kilos already but still have 18 kilos to lose. To me, the Cohen diet is God given as this is the only diet that works. My diet is also different from the one published above although there are similarities. The reason for the secrecy is that following someone’s diet can do harm as the diet was based on personal blood results. My consultant said as long as I am deviation free I can reach goal weight including refeed by August. I am sooo excited. I would have loved to be goal weight by June my birthday but my body is not yet ready for it. Cohen diet works, it is not a fad. To those who say negative things about this diet without really being on it – I pity you!

  60. charm Says:

    I have been doing the Cohen diet for 8 weeks. Yes it has its hard moments, I get cravings near my period time but that is it. I have lost 40lbs and feel great. I haven’t done much exercise. I have another 60 to lose. I don’t mind weighing my food it makes me see the portions that are correct for me. Also my grams are different than Dani’s that she posted. As long as I drink water I feel fulfilled. Sometimes I am not even hungry for my apple at 4PM. The weekends are tough if you are at home but I try to keep busy. I love that my clothes are loose and I will be donating them to charity. I never had a weight problem until children. After having kids I didn’t take time for me. I will need to resign for the next session but that is only 179. I think the program is worth it.

  61. charm Says:

    I am 5′ 2″ and started out at 242. Can’t believe I put that but that is the truth. Now I am 202. I haven’t seen that weight since I was pregnant 14 years ago. Flabby skin is not an issue yet either. But I am in my 40s so that might have an effect too! I just want to be healthy again!

  62. Angela Says:

    Chuvaroo, how much will the program cost? any estimation will do.. thanks..

  63. Zelda Says:

    Just for those who are severely overweight and wondering: I have completed my 18th week today and have lost 75lbs. I still have 107 to go!

  64. LIDIA Says:

    For those of you trying the diet for the first time, don’t be discouraged by negative comments, I did the diet back in 2000 and lost 34kg in 5 months, I maintained my weight for 5 years, fell pregnant and put on some weight but not close to where I was before, it is difficult to get on the program again, but a person needs to have a right mindset and willpower to want to loose weight, I am now in week 4 and have lost 8.5kg and hoping to loose the last few I have in the next 6 weeks, the less you got to loose like any diet the slower it goes, so to all those you are starting out go for it ! You have nothing to loose except excess weight!!

  65. Bernadette Says:

    Does anyone have hypothyriodism and still had great results???

  66. Louise Says:

    Yes, I have hypothyroidism and have had excellent results with Dr Cohens diet. When comparing my plan with Dani’s, there is generally a higher portion of protein to a lower portion of vegetables required. You will know that hypothyroidism can leave you feeling really lethargic and just blah! I found that the first three days were very hard and I got really tired but perseverance paid off. It improved and I was able to lose the 20lb I aimed for within the first 12 weeks. Re-feeding is VERY important, stick to it and you too will be amazed.

  67. lee123b Says:

    I started the diet in May and unfortunately, I fell off the wagon, the agent says I have to redo everything again and I don’t have R2200 and R300 for the blood test. If anyone is willing to share their re-feed it would be greatly appreciated. if anyone is willing to help, please send it to lee123batgmaildotcom, thank you. My diet is below:

    Meal 1:

    60 g cheese (no feta) 60 g vegetable
    45g fish 65 g vegetable
    1 egg 80 g vegetable
    1 yoghurt (can be mixed with fruit from allowance)

    Meal 2:

    105 g meat 110 g vegetable
    115 g chicken 105 g vegetable
    100 g chicken 120 g vegetable
    120 g fish 90 g vegetable
    70 g cheese (no feta) 100 g vegetable
    60 g feta 105 g vegetable

    Meal 3:

    100 g meat 120 g vegetable
    120 g meat 95 g vegetable
    105 g chicken 105 g vegetable
    110 g fish 110 g vegetable

    Cracker: 5
    Fruit : 2

  68. annette Says:

    Reading through these comments is very encouraging, and I have decided to give the dr Cohen diet a chance as well.

    How do you prepare your meals without oil (I learned olive oil was good for us) and spices?

    Thanks – looking forward hearing from you

  69. Alkdien Says:

    I prepare my meals with Spray ‘n Cook. I don’t exactly know why everyone is questioning this diet. For the first time in my life, I have found something that works, makes me feel great (I don’t drink coffee or diet soft drinks) and is very simple to follow!!!!! Yes it is expensive, but in all these years of spending $ on unsuccesfull diets and pills, it is more than worth it! Maybe they do give us all the same diet plan, with only a few grams of difference here and there, who cares???!!!!!!

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