Laser Hair Removal Facts and Fictions

Laser Hair Removal Facts and Fictions

When it comes to laser hair removal, there is no shortage of misinformation and pure fiction out there. And since a lot of people use laser hair removal procedure to, well, remove hair, I think people need to know the facts about this procedure. So here are the common laser hair removal facts and fictions that are floating out there in the wild world of hairy men and completely hairless Chihuahuas.

Fact: It is best to start treatments now for summer. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono recommends stating laster treatments (about $300 per person) several months ahead of time. “Multiple sessions a few weeks apart are required, so give yourself some lead time,” he says.

Fiction: Laser hair removal is safe for all skin tomes. “For very dark skin, laser hair removal can result in hyperpigmentation [discoloration of the skin],” says Dr. Jacono. But the Nd: YAG laser and others like it may lessen this effect, say dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting. It has a wavelength that is “long enough to heat the hair follicles deeper in the skin without targeting the pigmented cells on the surface.”

Fiction: Hair eventually grows back. It is possible to have permanently hair-free underarms. Dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart says that while some patients require yearly touch-ups, 80 to 90 percent of the hair removed never returns. Even if stragglers do resurface, they will grow back thinner.

Fact: Hair removal has immediate effects. Dr. Eberting says lasers will get rid of up to 20 percent of targeted hair in one session, but since the procedure targets only growing hair, it is impossible to reach all follicles at once. That is why shaving (not waxing and plucking, which remove the whole hair shaft at the root) is recommended between sessions for a bikini-ready look. [via]

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