LA Weight Loss Program: Does LA Weight Loss Work?

LA Weight Loss Program: Does LA Weight Loss Work?Continued from LA Weight Loss Investigated.

Diet The program at the LA Weight Loss Centers is based on a reduction of calories, behavior modification, one-on-one counseling, and the use of the program’s supplements and nutrition bars. Former program clients lead the program.

Philosophy Losing weight is an individual process, and no-one-diet fits all. Participants obtain a personalized diet based on their own needs.

Components Program strengths include individual counseling and private weigh-ins. A customized program is created for you based on your food likes and dislikes. You can eat in restaurants and eat the same foods as your family.

Should you consider it? Yes, if you can afford it. The cost mounts if you purchase the program’s supplements and nutrition bars, which vary in price. An advantage is you can drop in at any time for personal counseling with no appointment required. This aspect might be desirable, especially if you like flexibility and are strapped for time.

Designed for people who: Want an individualized program and need one-on-one attention. It’s not a come-as-you-please program; you are enrolled based on how much weight you have to lose, with a minimum enrollment of one year at $9 per week ($468 for one year). The use of supplements and nutrition bars, which cost extra, is encouraged.

Our opinion Because each diet is individualized, it’s difficult to comment on the diets. The one-on-one component is a good attribute if the counselors are trained in nutrition and behavior modification. Skip the supplements and nutrition bars to save money.

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