Kym Johnson Dancing With the Stars Workout

Kym Johnson Dancing With the Stars Workout

Dancing With the StarsKym Johnson is doing everything she can to get in shape for summer. If you think that Kym Johnson’s workout is something special, you are mistaken. I take that back, Kym Johnson’s workout is special, in a sense that she has hired a personal trainer to help her get in shape.

First of all, I would never think that someone like her needs a personal trainer. Second, why does she need to get in shape? She is already fit, and she is in the new Dancing With the Starts Cardio Dance workout DVD.

Kym Johnson’s workout plan Still, Kym says that she exercises a lot. Her basic workout includes weight lifting and cardio. Her favorite exercise is lunges. “Everyone wants to have toned legs and a nice butt. Those are the areas I like to work on,” she says.

Her personal trainer of choice? Blake Raymond. Her gym of choice? Sky Sport Spa, yes, the same place where our favorite show, the Bravo’s Work Out, is filmed. Kym’s weight lifting and cardio plan are designed to challenge her entire body and to get her beach-ready for the summer season. She exercises at least four times a week. [source: Life & Style]

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