Kunal Nayyar Shirtless

Kunal Nayyar Shirtless

Kunal Nayyar shirtless – hot or not? Kunal Nayyar shirtless looks great. Kunal Nayyar shirtless looks average. Kunal Nayyar shirtless looks terrible. There are obviously a lot of opinions about Kunal Nayyar’s shirtless bud. What do I personally think? I do not think he looks terrible, but it is probably a good idea not to be without a shirt in public. Why? Well, let’s take a closer look at his midsection. What is going on with his midsection?

His midsection looks like a nicely formed muffin-top. Maybe he was just bloated or something, but the rest of his physique is hardly impressive. I mean, Jude Law shirtless looks very similar, which begs the following question: Do they follow a similar diet? Probably not, but they do seem to have something in common. What is it? Well, it appears to be a pretty good amount of belly fat.

Is he going to do something to “fix” his midsection? I have no idea. I hope so, but he does not need to do anything. What happens when you do not need to do something? Things stay more or less the same. Anything can happen of course. He is not so out of shape that he cannot get in shape. He can probably get in a pretty good shape within a year. Nothing crazy, but he can be toned and trim within a year. [source: Us Weekly]

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