Kristen Johnston: Weight Loss

Kristen Johnston Weight LossKristen Johnston‘s weight loss is astounding! She has lost 60 pounds. But why…why has she lost so much weight? Is Kristen Johnston anorexic? Has she been using illegal weight loss aids?

“When actresses lose weight, people can think they are anorexic. It is important to me to say that is not the case here,” says Johnston, 40, acknowledging that, yes, she lost more than 60 lbs. in the last year and a half.

Johnston explains: “After a show, you’re so hopped up you have a couple of drinks with friends. ‘Yeah, I’ll stay for another round!'” That, plus a diet of “pizza, BLTs and fries, dinner at 11 p.m.,” caused the 6-ft. Johnston to “balloon” from about size 6 to 12. “I was miserable,” she says.

Then, in December 2006, she suffered a burst ulcer and spent weeks in the hospital, where “you take a hard look at your life.” She stopped drinking alcohol and added more vegetables, oatmeal, salads with salmon and – “crazily enough,” says the new baker – homemade fruit pies.

Focusing on her health, not the scale, made the weight loss easy, she says. Biking in New York City also helped. Though she may try to gain back 6 to 8 lbs., “I think it looks great. I feel amazing,” says Johnston. “I no longer stress about my body. I’m in a happy place.” [via]

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9 Responses to “Kristen Johnston: Weight Loss”

  1. rini Says:


    Either she is extremely ill,


    well, anorexic. This is not someone who no longer “stresses” about her body. I love the thin look, but she has gone way too far. She looked great in Third Rock.

  2. Cristy Says:

    I think this picture is actually doctored up a bit. No one’s arms would look like that.

  3. Liz Says:

    Size 12 is NOT unhealthy for a 6′ tall female. This is just going to perpetuate more angst about size amongst tall women. I remember an interview with her when she was on Third Rock and saying she was “comfortable with her body” back THEN. And she looked spectacular! She’s much too thin now.

  4. Liz Says:

    Footnote: If I remember, she’d said in that interview that she was about 145 at 6’…she’s got to be below that now.

  5. Kelli Clew Says:

    She is so anorexic….and she is in denial about it. Her stomach in other pictures of her with the weight loss is almost potruding, her hair is dry and brittle and her face has completely lost its glow and any fullness at all. No muscle tone on her, just some skin and the appearance of bones. We all know what anorexics look like and if she doesn’t know it she definitely has a problem with the way she sees herself to get this thin.

    I hope her friends point this out to her and snap her out of her delusion.

  6. Elaine Says:

    Look at pictures of her before and she was fat. No question. Now she could gain back some weigth and she had said so herself…

  7. NoElleNo you don't know... Says:

    So many who sayt much and know so little…and yet you remain ignorant.
    She’s 6 feet tall- size 12, THAT’S FAR FROM UNHEALTHY for a woman that height; attribute the frailty to her lack of muscle tone. All she needs to do is hit the gym, eat healthy and tone up. If you’ve ever KNOWN AN ANOREXIC you wouldn’t be so quick to call her one, it’s a MENTAL DISEASE. It doesn’t happen “all of a sudden” it’s been there most of their lives. If you’ve EVER had an ulcer- it;s a MEDICAL CONDITION and you FULLY understand the agony and suffering one goes through. I’m 5’7- size 2-6 depending, and at my heaviest I only weighed a mere 120 lbs and birth control did that. I’ve always been called skinny, anorexic or other hurtful things- I’m not nor do I have an eating disorder- an undiagnosed ulcer took me down to just UNDER 100 lbs., I couldn’t eat and barely drank anything for weeks. Had I not been hospitalized I could have died.
    Understand this before you go throwing your assumptions: People develop eating disorders and the likes because of stupid comments made by people who think everyone is supposed to look like them. We are all different. I got tired of it so now, when I hear “you’re so skinny, you need to eat” I say, “you know, you’re fat and I think you need to stop eating.” I get called rude- like their comments are flattering to me. I hope she survives the tabloid frenzy- that’s enough to make anyone lose it.

  8. Emily Says:

    That picture does look doctored. I find it funny people are so quick to say she is anorexic, you don’t know her, so be quiet!

    I applaud “NoElleNo you don’t know”

  9. Andria Says:

    A response to the person who says the picture may be doctored…

    I saw her in Massachusettes this week, (she’s there for a theater festival) and those pictures are not doctored. If anything, in person she looked even more emaciated. It was scary!

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