Koolickles: Kool-Aid Pickles Recipe

Koolickles: Kool-Aid Pickles RecipeThis sweet-and-sour crunch – nicknamed Koolickles – has been a favorite in Mississippi’s Delta region and is suddenly gaining fans nationwide.

Recipe: Prepare a pitcher of Kool-Aid as directed on package.

Add pickles so that they’re submerged in liquid. Cover tightly and refrigerate for at least 24 hours before serving. [source: People]

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4 Responses to “Koolickles: Kool-Aid Pickles Recipe”

  1. anonymous Says:

    wow, interesting! sounds kind of gross, but i am gonna have to try it anyway! wish me luck! ♥me

  2. kelly Says:

    just saw this on Food Network…weird and looks gross but I am definatly going to make this tomorrow!!

  3. carriep Says:

    Koolickles are becoming popular because of Alton Brown’s feasting on asphalt, for sure.

    I made up a batch. They are very good.

  4. waltona Says:

    I am actually fromt the Mississippi Delta, and we have been making/eating “koolickles” for quite some time now. They are really delicious!!! When I was in college, I took some back with me for friends to taste. When they first heard of it, they thought it was gross, but they had a change of heart when they tasted them!!! I encourage you to try them….you’ll love them.

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