Kirstie Alley Diet Program

Kirstie Alley Diet Program

I do not know if I believe in Kirstie Alley‘s diet program. Sure, we have heard about the Kirstie Alley’s weight loss show, but the Kirstie Alley’s diet program just does not seem plausible.

According to a number of rumors, Kirstie is calling on some Hollywood heavyweights in her efforts to launch her very own diet program. After gaining back all the weight she has lost when she was the face of Jenny Craig, Kirstie has reportedly decided to find her own weight-loss formula, and she supposedly wants top Hollywood fatties to unite Janet Jackson, John Travolta and Oprah Winfrey to help her do that.

It is no secret that Kirstie got pretty heavy when she has stopped eating food from the Jenny Craig’s delivery service. At 5’8″ Kirstie has ballooned to about 228 lbs. at her biggest, but some experts say it was more like 300 lbs. Allegedly, her current plan is to convince her friends, like Oprah, for example, to lose weight and maintain it by motivating each other. [source: Star]

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