Kim Kardashian Weight

Kim Kardashian Weight

Kim Kardashian‘s weight – healthy or not? Is Kim Kardashian’s weight increasing? Is Kim Kardashian’s weight decreasing? Is Kim Kardashian’s weight out of control? Given what is known about Kim Kardashian’s diet and workout, it seems reasonable to assume that Kim Kardashian’s weight is healthy and normal, but is it really true? Isn’t Kim Kardashian fat?

It depends who you listen to. Some people seem to think that she needs to lose weight. Some seem to think that she actually needs to gain some weight. What do I personally think? Compared to other celebrities, her weight is pretty stable. It does not seem to go up or down that much, which is a good thing. How many pounds does she weigh?

The 5-foot-2-inch Kim does not exactly keep her weight a secret, but she is not making an effort to publicize it either, which gives us only one choice: We can only estimate her weight. According to the latest estimates, her current weight is 120 pounds. Some estimates claim that her weight is a little less than 120 pounds. The range for my personal estimate is 115-to-120 pounds. [source: OK!]

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