Kim Kardashian: Weight Loss, Diet, and Workout

Kim Kardashian: Weight Loss, Diet, and WorkoutKim Kardashian’s weight loss puzzle Kim Kardashian wants to lose 5 pounds. Why would anybody need to lose 5 pounds? I am not sure, 5 pounds is what, a breakfast and lunch?

“I weigh 115 lbs. now and want to get to 110 lbs.,” says 5’3″ Kim. “Nothing drastic, just lose a little fat and tone up!”

Kim Kardashian’s workout She exercises regularly – “a lot of cardio and dance” – but is less disciplined at the table.

Kim Kardashian’s diet “If I like a food, I’ll eat it, even if I know it’s not good for me,” she says. Kim’s food cravings? Prepare to gag. Are you ready? Deep-fried Oreos! Before starting her diet, she splurged one last time on deep-fried Oreos.

“I figured I’d end 2007 with a bang!” says Kim. So will her famous posterior make it to 2009? Sure: “I like it. I don’t want it to go away.” It cannot go away, it is pretty much the only thing she has going for her. Plus, who wants to see grown men cry?

Old diet Breakfast: Starbucks tall white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Lunch: Salad with cranberries and candied walnuts. Chocolate chip cookie and a diet Coke. Snack: Cupcake. Dinner: Pasta with vegetables and chicken. Cookies and ice cream for desert. Total Calories: 2,263.

Kim Kardashian’s new diet Breakfast: Oatmeal with bananas. Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken. Pinkberry [nonfat yogurt] with fruit and granola. Snack: Carrots and low-cal ranch dressing. Dinner: Fish, vegetables and green tea before bed. Total Calories: 1,438. [source: People]

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42 Responses to “Kim Kardashian: Weight Loss, Diet, and Workout”

  1. Black Barbie Says:

    5 pounds on shorter people makes a huge difference. Thats why I’m 5’2″ and it makes a difference

  2. Alinka Says:

    I am sorry, there’s NO WAY she is 115lbs… Just no way.

  3. Lkennington Says:

    Exactly. I’m 5’2 and losing 5 lbs makes a huge difference.Kim Kardashian is my inspiration for embracing my white girl, ghetto bootie though :)

  4. Eva02 Says:

    YES 5 pounds make a huge freakin difference… thats like 40 pounds for a bigger person.. for smaller people losing more than 5 pounds canchange the way they look entirely.. trust me i went from 115 to 108 and dramatically changed my arms legs stomach esp.

  5. LHU Says:

    I’m 4′ 10″ and even 3 pounds makes a huge difference for me. It has nowhere to go so it goes all to my stomach.

  6. Dolphin1012 Says:

    She definetly is an inspiration to me, she is only an inch shorter than me so I know I can look like that too! LOL 5 pounds does really make a difference, those tight jeans get alot loser.

  7. jackie89 Says:

    she cant possibly be 115 with that height and curves. im 5 foot, 120 lbs and much skinnier than her, shes gotta be lying, hot girl whos very healthy looking, doesnt need to lose weight, but theres no way shes only 115

  8. mp Says:

    Dude when i heard her say she was 115 pounds i knewwww she was lying~!!!!!

    i am 5′ 2 1/2 ” and when i weighed 115 lbs and was very slender (with a back with a bony back) and on dancing with the stars she has a curvy back ( no problem with that, it’s just your not gona weigh that amount n hav a curvy back!!)

    she shouldnt lie, what’s wrong with being a higher number??

    this gives men the wrong impression that all women weigh 115 lbs, and that anything over 120 is bad which is ridiculous ( look at BMI chart)

    common !!!

    ::: i am an hour glass and big boned, soo we would look some what similar at those weights so i based my info on that:::

    even my bf laughed and said theres no way she’s 115, soo kim please dont lie theres no need to,
    fight against hollywood!

  9. CHS Says:

    I practically laughed out loud when I heard that
    she says she only weighs 115.
    I’d say she weighs at least 140.

  10. carrie Says:

    actually she can be that height and that weight and not be lying . everybody carries weight differently you cannot compare her to yourself and assume how much she weights. someone who appears slim but is not toned and has a highter body fat percent will weight more than someone who might look thicker but has more muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage in short muscle weighs more than fat. you cannot look at any one person and guess how much they weigh there are too many variables

  11. Cat Says:

    I think Carrie is right. I am 5 7″ and weigh 150lb with big bones! There is no way her weighs like 140lb!! I love her body and I think she is very beautiful.

  12. Kandace Says:

    I dont care what she weighs I just want that booty and that waistline HELP ME!!!

  13. Alex Says:

    I don’t doubt she’s 115…I’m 5’2 ,115 lbs and look bigger than her. At 130-140 she’d be huge if she’s only 5’3″..

  14. cheriebomb Says:

    I’ve seen Kim in person a few times. She was doing some business in our office and came in on several occasions. She is extremely tiny. I actually think she must weigh less than 115. I’m 5’0 and look a bit bigger than her, and I am 112 at the moment. She looks great and her body is very toned. If I had to guess, I’d say she was 105 lbs, at the most, at the time I saw her. She’s thin all around and curvy, the only thing that really sticks out, of course, is her booty.

  15. Liz Says:

    PLLLLLease SHUT UP! For all you people that weren’t there with Kim Kardashian when she weighs herself (EVERYONE)… Give it up. Just b/c you are 5″2 and don’t weigh that doesn’t mean she doesn’t. everyones bodies are different. So stop being jealous, and if you want to weigh that much, then get off your lazy asses and work it out. ‘m sure none of you have ever seen her in person, only in photos and on tv, which does no justice. Give it a rest Bitches! xoxo

  16. t Says:

    We all got to remember that the camera adds 10 pounds she may of weighed that much.

  17. nunu Says:

    no way she is 115 lol

  18. cori Says:

    I believe she said she was 120 lbs when she started her diet. That “115” quote came from an interview a couple of months into her new diet/exercise program.
    Unfortunately, I believe she did it all in the name of money – a great way to market her recently released (last week) workout DVD’s in whick, btw, she is covered up from head to toe in black spandex! The person doing the airbrushing for her Muscle & Fitness Hers cover has his/her work cut out for him/her.
    She will not stay at her present weight for long – she loves food/sweets way too much!!!

  19. Nicole Says:

    From the Keeping up with the Kardashians show… I don’t believe Kim was 115lbs in the show. She was way bigger than that. Atleast 125-130lbs! Everyone’s body shape is different but you also have to remember when you hold weight in your bottom half you weight more. I know a bunch of curvy women that are 5’2-5’3 that are 115lbs that hold there weight in their bottom half and don’t even look as big as Kim. Check out Melissa Marie Gonzalez or Aylen Alvarez. Those are women with curves and a booty and only weigh 115lbs. So Kim is lying! Though I seen her in a magazine last week and she does look slim. So she just may be 115lbs now. But those shows, photos, and when she was on dancing with the stars… She was not 115lbs. I gurantee you that!

  20. mein Says:

    i actually reckon that kim is one of those celebs who would look tiny in person. she is short and there was a pic on her website standing next to chanel iman (who is super skinny) and kims legs didn’t look much bigger than imans so i would actually believe what she said she weighs. but she puts her whole life on blast so she sould easily make a vid of her standing on a scale to clear things up if she really wanted 2 so i don’t know

  21. tinababyyy Says:

    Everyone’s body is different. She is 5’2 and only because she doesnt have da same body type as you does not mean she’s lying because maybe she is a woman with curves and some people just don’t have that. So i don’t really think she’s lying because im 5’1 and when i way 115 i look really skinny and i do have curves but not like here my but gets smaller.BUt she just has a natural big ass! lol

  22. saliva Says:

    You guys are stupid. No way she’s 115 lbs. Just because her body weight is distributed differently doesn’t mean she HAS to be fatter than you. When I saw Kim in person I wasn’t sure if it was her cause I thought she looked so much smaller in person than in the pictures. And for someone with her tiny height, it’s possible to have that body and shape. Beyonce weighs 115 lbs…

  23. chrissy Says:

    Kim Kardashian is about 110 pounds. She’s a tiny little thing. She wears a size 2.

  24. k i m Says:

    uh no wayy .
    im tha same height,
    i have a butt,
    i have boobs,
    i have the small waist,
    but i weigh 140.

  25. Mer Mer Says:

    I love kim’s body and don’t think she needs to lose any weight. She has the small waist, curves, and a booty! Go head girl :)

  26. LisaQ Says:

    Kim Kardashian’s weight loss is not enough. She needs to lose like 15 more pounds, at least. I think she still looks fat.

  27. Allana Says:

    Yea she is so like 130lbs…. unless she has no musle…

  28. afiya Says:

    5 pounds does make a huge difference for the shorter im 5’9 and when i gained 5 pounds it wasnt a big deal. now, when i gained 10 pounds i wasnt able to fit into my jeans or sweats. guess it went to my thighs.

  29. ERika Says:

    I know she does not weigh 115. She has an awesome body but when you have a big butt it weighs a lot because that is a big muscle. I am 5’4 and weigh 130lbs and I don’t even have big breast implants like her. I do have a big butt and I know that if I get under 130 I can look too thin which goes to show you that a big butt does weigh a lot. She should be proud of having a womanly body but she should be honest about her weight.

  30. Tas Says:

    she looks hot to me! if she thinks she needs to lose 5lbs then so be it. i’m 5’3″ weigh about 165lbs i’m not fat but just extremely thick. i could stand to lose 30lbs or so to fit like kk

  31. RaeRae Says:

    i believe it! for those of you saying she has to be 140, you must be out of your mind! im 5’1 and weigh 115 and she is skinner than me! she jus has a booty and boobies!

  32. Smartone Says:

    It is very possible for Kim to be 115 pounds and 5’3″. I am of Carribean and Latin ancestry and I have a 25 inch waist and a 36.5 inch hips (with a booty). I have never had augmentation, it’s just the way mixed people carry their body weight and taking into consideration natural muscle content, which helps as well. Muscle weighs more than fat remember…weight is also distributed differently, meaning we carry our weight differently depending on ‘natual’ body shape and genetics. EG. Some people are pear shaped allowing them to carry more weight on the bottom vs. the top. If you want a big booty, just get butt implants.

  33. Alexa Says:

    yes it is very possible for her to weigh 115 lbs. for instant my sister who has a “huge booty” and i mean it when I say huge, she weighs 116 at the most and her features are a lot like Kims! I really dont think people should be so concerned about her weight. Nobody is perfect girls! and it doesnt matter if she’s lying or not, thats on her! So ladies lets be a little more realistic and not so quick to judge!

  34. Ms. B Says:

    I believe Kim to be 115 lbs at 5′3″. She looks much slender and toned. I too have an hourglass figure like Kim and I’m 5’2″ and weigh 133 lbs. The only difference is that I have more of a muscular build and muscle does weigh more than fat. I do think she needs to not obsess over her weight. There was never anything wrong to begin with. The girl’s always looked good!

  35. baylee Says:

    I am 5’0″ very petite but also have curves. I am currently at 125 lbs. There is no way she is 115! If she is, then I am a cow!

  36. Jennifer Says:

    I am 5’0 and weigh 120lbs and I agree if she really is 115 then I am a cow! And everyone tells me I’m at a perfect weight.

  37. Tabby Says:

    Ok, so reading all of these comments, my reply is, i agree she does not weigh 115 lbs, unless she has absolutely no muscle. Her airbrushed photo may weight that but lets be real, I work out 3xwk for 2 hrs a day, wear a size 2-4 pants, and have a 24 inch waist, and i weigh ranging from 129-134. This makes me sick that someone with a bangin body like hers, feels she should have to say these things about her weight then it makes me whos 14 lbs more and same exact height, feel i’m way overweight! grrrr, i hate the feeling of having to compete to stay “attractive.” God help us all!

  38. LAu Says:

    And she’s not fat at all. she’s gorgeous I hope don’t get too thin. her curves makes her special.

  39. Mecaela Says:

    HAHAHA. I love it when people say “I have big bones!” its the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard. Your bones aren’t fat, your behind IS! Bones don’t jiggle, your THIGHS do! Yes there is such thing as a smaller frame, but bones are generally all the same in thickness, unless you are a MAN.

  40. BR605 Says:

    Mecaela is right that just sounds ridiculous! You can be petite (small framed, narrow shoulder width etc) or large frame, wide shoulders etc but big boned is just you making yourself feel better lol. Everyone so obsessed with Kims shape need to reevaluate yourselves! WHo the HELL cares what she weighs?! Whether its 110 or 150 we all know what she looks like. A beautiful woman with a frame most envy, so give it a break lol.

  41. sOos Says:

    I love Kim…but 115 my REAR xD

  42. Ashley Says:

    I think she weighs 115, not everyone’s body is the same. I’m extremely jealous though, I’m 5’4″ and weigh 130. I have big boobs and a big butt and people tell me I have a nice hourglass figure! But I wish I was 15 lbs lighter! It’s probably just muscle since I do a lot of sports but still.

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