Kesha Bikini

Kesha Bikini

Kesha‘s bikini bod – hot or not? Kesha’s bikini look is disappointing, to put it lightly, which, I guess, is hardly surprising given what we know about Kesha’s diet. What is wrong with Kesha’s bikini bod? Well, where do I begin? She is not toned, and she looks formless.

In addition, her midsection seems to be developing a muffin top. It looks soft. Where are her abs? She does not look overweight, which is obviously a good thing, but at the same time, she does not look particularly fit either. All is not lost, however, I do not think it would take her a long time to get in a better shape. What would it take for Kesha’s bikini bod to change for the better?

Diet and exercise, of course. What did you expect? There is no miracle. When you follow a good diet and exercise, you look good. She does not need to hire a personal trainer and use some food delivery service to change her body. All it takes is a simple diet and a few exercises. But what do you think – Kesha in a bikini – does she look good or does she need to start dieting and exercising as soon as possible? [source: Star]

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