Kerry Washington Weight Loss

Kerry Washington Weight Loss

Kerry Washington‘s weight loss – real or not? Can Kerry Washington’s weight loss help you lose weight? Is Kerry Washington’s weight loss getting out of control? Is Kerry Washington’s weight loss healthy? There is no easy answer to all of these questions. Why not? Because I am far from being convinced that she has recently lost weight to begin with. Sure, she looks skinny and rumors about Kerry Washington’s weight do not help, but she still looks happy.

Maybe she has lost some weight recently. I doubt she did it on purpose. Sometimes, someone who is already skinny can lose weight without actually trying to lose weight. How? By simply skipping meals due to a busy schedule, for example. Is it difficult for her to gain weight? I have no idea. That having been said, generally speaking, most people struggle to lose weight, not to gain weight. Gaining weight is more enjoyable. You get to eat stuff that you normally do not eat.

However, given the fact that she is in Hollywood, she is probably in no hurry to gain weight. How much weight does she need to gain? My estimate is about 10 pounds. It is not hard to gain 10 pounds. All you need to do is to eat pizza and ice cream every day. How hard is that? [source: In Touch]

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