Kendra Wilkinson Workout

Kendra Wilkinson Workout

Continued from Kendra Wilkinson’s Weight Loss.

Kendra Wilkinson’s workout looks great. In fact, I think Kendra Wilkinson’s workout is going to help her lose weight pretty quickly. Why do I like Kendra Wilkinson’s workout plan? Because, unlike other celebrity workouts, Kendra Wilkinson’s workout seems to be well planed.

“After this pregnancy, I am going to be in the best shape of my life. I will get back into better shape than I was in before,” she says. Kendra plans on devising her own hard-core, personal boot camp at home, which will include jumping rope, swimming, martial arts and squats. She also will have some help in the form of her trainer Jesse Brune, who stars on the Bravo show Work Out.

Kendra Wilkinson’s workout deconstructed “He taught me that you do not need all this gym equipment – you just need yourself and to be motivated with yourself and just jump across the room. He is very creative but also it is common sense, so that’s what I will be doing,” says Kendra.

She will also work out with Hank who, as a football player, is a world-class athlete. “Hank and I love to go hiking, rollerblading and biking. Sometimes we go to the gym together. He is always kicking my ass and giving me his football workout. I cannot wait to get back into shape and show off my new hips and butt!” she says. [via]

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