Kendra Wilkinson Exercise Program

Kendra Wilkinson Exercise Program

Continued from Kendra Wilkinson’s Workout Plan and Kendra Wilkinson’s Weight Loss Plan.

Kendra Wilkinson‘s exercise program is getting better. How? Kendra Wilkinson’s exercise program is helping her not only lose weight, but also maybe save the planet. Okay, Kendra Wilkinson’s exercise plan is obviously not going to reverse Global Warming (she drives a rather large SUV), but it is great that she has recently started biking.

Biking is now part of her exercise program designed to help her lose pregnancy weight and get back in shape. Kendra says that biking is a lot of fun, healthy and good for your heart. I agree. Biking is great. Just like walking, biking is a low-impact exercise that can help you lose weight.

But the question is: Is there anything else that can potentially make Kendra Wilkinson’s exercise program even better. Yes, there is. I think Pilates is exactly what she needs to make that final push to lose a few more pounds. While Pilates is not the best way to go about adding muscle mass, it can certainly help her improve an overall tone of her body, which is something she wants to do. [source: OK!]

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