Kendra Wilkinson Diet

Kendra Wilkinson Diet

Kendra Wilkinson‘s diet is picklelicious! Correction, Kendra Wilkinson’s diet is a mess. What is wrong with Kendra Wilkinson’s diet? There is nothing wrong with Kendra Wilkinson’s diet, if you assume that eating pickles and ice cream is normal.

Yes, Kendra Wilkinson‘s diet is all about ice cream and pickles these days, even her recent baby shower was themed around her favorite crave. To be fair, this is hardly surprising because it is a well-known fact that pregnant women get crazy craving for very unusual food combinations.

But Kendra Wilkinson’s diet has been messy even before her pregnancy. She has admitted in the past that she does not really follow a certain eating plan, and that she is practically addicted to junk food – you know, burgers with fries, hot dogs, etc – the usual. Okay, I doubt she is actually addicted to fast food, addiction is a strong word, no, she is not addicted to junk food – she just is big fan of fast food.

Surprisingly, Kendra Wilkinson’s diet habits, while very far from ideal, seem to have no affect on her weight. Have you ever seen her overweight or not in shape? I have not. She moves around a lot and likes to play sports, so maybe the level of her physical activity is high enough to compensate for her poor eating habits. Who knows? Maybe it is her genes, but the fact remains, she has always been in great shape.

Will Kendra Wilkinson’s diet change when she becomes a mom? Let’s hope so. I bet she will lose her pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but ultimately, she needs to change her eating habits. If she does not do that, how long do you think she can continue eating fast food and stay in shape? She is still young, so maybe 5 years, right? [source: Star]

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