Kendra Wilkinson Bikini

Kendra Wilkinson Bikini

Kendra Wilkinson‘s bikini look – fit and healthy or just trashy? I think Kendra Wilkinson‘s bikini look is inspiring. Okay, I am biased. She is my favorite “girl next door” of the bunch. But does Kendra Wilkinson in a bikini look good?

Aside from her fake melons enormous, unnatural-looking, and distracting mammary glands that do nothing to enhance her looks, Kendra Wilkinson’s bikini look is great. She is arguably one of the fittest celebrities out there.

Why Kendra Wilkinson in a bikini looks awesome Because she is not trying to look fit. She is just naturally built that way, or so it seems. I mean, sure, she is known for being into sports, and she probably watches what she eats, but I do not think she follows a strict diet, and I do not think she exercises regularly.

What say you – Kendra Wilkinson in a bikini – fine the way she is or needs to tone up a little more to look even better? [source: OK!]

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