Kelly Osbourne Workout

Kelly Osbourne Workout

Continued from Kelly Osbourne’s Diet.

Kelly Osbourne‘s workout is hard-core. How does Kelly Osbourne’s workout compare to the best workout to lose weight or similar exercise programs? Can you lose weight in one month on the Kelly Osbourne’s workout? If you only need to lose 10 pounds or so, her exercise program can probably help you lose weight. If, however, you need to lose more weight, Kelly’s workout is probably not for you because it is too high-impact.

Still, I like Kelly Osbourne’s workout. It is called the Bar Method and consists of fusion between Pilates and ballet. But if you think that is too girly for men to follow, it is not. It includes such exercises as reverse triceps pushups and lunges. The class lasts for about an hour. Kelly takes this class three days a week.

When she does not have time to attend the class, Kelly still finds a way to exercise. She goes on a hike with a personal trainer who makes her do pushups and situps on the hiking trail, which sounds great, but the question is: How effective is Kelly Osbourne’s workout? Has it helped her lose weight?

Kelly has lost a lot of weight. Specifically, thanks to her new diet and exercise program, she has lost 42 pounds. Her starting weight was 160 pounds. Her current weight is 118 pounds. [source: Us Weekly]

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