Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne‘s weight loss is estimated to be at least 30 pounds and it shows. Wow! Kelly looks great. How did Kelly lose weight? Her pal says, “She has lost weight by being in love.” Rrrright, sure she did. Did I miss a new weight loss program, “The Love Weight Loss Plan” or something? So, how did she really do it?

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss In reality, Kelly has embraced a healthier lifestyle over the past year, which has obviously helped her to shrink by two dress sizes and counting.

“Kelly used to eat just about anything she could pop in the microwave. But now she opts for organic veggies and fruits and keeps snacks like celery and carrot sticks in her fridge to munch on,” says an insider. Plus, nixing late-night eating and cutting out beer has helped her shed additional pounds, says the pal.

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss diet According to some sources, Kelly has cut her daily calorie intake to around 1,200 to 1,500 calories, but she does not deprive herself. In fact, she has said that most of her weight fell off without her even knowing, starting during her theater rehearsals. “She has no desire to be a size 0,” says the insider. “Kelly is perfectly happy with her new figure.”

I am happy with Kelly’s figure as well. She looks so much better, and I hope she continues to embrace a healthy lifestyle. [via: Life & Style]

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