Kelly Osbourne Weight Gain

Kelly Osbourne Weight Gain

Kelly Osbourne‘s weight gain – real or not? Is Kelly Osbourne’s weight gain out of control? Is Kelly Osbourne’s weight gain healthy? Are the rumors about Kelly Osbourne’s weight gain even true? Is Kelly Osbourne fat? The rumors about her recent weight gain have been around for a while, but have they been exaggerated a bit? I think so. I have heard that she has allegedly gained more than 25 pounds, which is a lot for somebody of her height, but I do not see 25 extra pounds on her. Do you? Maybe she has gained about 15 pounds, but not 25 pounds.

Given what we already know about Kelly Osbourne’s weight and Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss, most people probably were not surprised to hear that she has gained some weight, but here is what we want to know: Does she need to lose weight? How much weight does she need to lose? How much weight has she gained? First of all, I am not sure if she has gained any weight recently. In other words, since she has lost weight, it might be that she was gaining some weight here and there over time. I do not think she has gained the whole thing in a short time period.

Second, I think she still looks pretty good. My estimate is that she has gained about 15 pounds. Sure, she looks a bit chubby, but I do not think she needs to lose weight if she does not want to. If she wants to lose weight, great, but she is not obese or anything. [source: Star]

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