Kelly Osbourne Skinny

Kelly Osbourne Skinny

Is Kelly Osbourne skinny? Some would say that Kelly Osbourne is skinny, but I would not say that. Compared to her past appearance, Kelly Osbourne looks skinny now, it does not mean, however, that she needs to gain weight.

I think Kelly Osbourne looks normal now. In fact, she looks great. That said, given a lot of hoopla surrounding her diet and workout, I do not understand what it is all about. Let’s face it, Kelly does not look like someone who spends a lot of time at the gym. I do not expect her to look like a fitness model, but the buzz about her fitness program created a certain expectation.

It made me think that maybe she looks like Madonna or something – she does not, not even close, which is a good thing because I still have nightmares in which Madonna’s arms drop giant dumbbells on unsuspecting gym rats at random Gold’s Gyms around the country.

Joking aside, I think Kelly can do better. She does not need to be skinny, she needs to tone up. She has already proven that she can follow a diet and exercise program long enough to lose weight. And she seems to know how to maintain weight loss. But does she have what it takes to make her muscles more defined? [source: OK!]

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  1. joe Says:

    I agree still looks soft and too bulky. She needs to keep going and get some tone.

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