Kelly Osbourne Shape

Kelly Osbourne Shape

Kelly Osbourne‘s Shape cover – fail or fab? Kelly Osbourne’s Shape cover does not look bad, but does she really deserve to be on the cover of Shape magazine? Some would say that Kelly Osbourne’s Shape cover is underwhelming and inconsequential. Others, no doubt, would argue that Kelly Osbourne’s Shape cover is inspiring and important.

What do I personally think? Given what we know about Kelly Osbourne’s diet and how much weight she has lost, I am happy to see her on the cover of Shape. Having said that, without the “before” picture, it is hard to get excited about the way she looks now. Let’s face it, she looks barely average, at best.

She does not look toned. Look at her midsection. I am not saying that she has to have a six-pack, but is it just me or does she actually still have some belly fat, or is it loose skin from all those lost pounds? Her upper body, specifically her shoulders do look sculpted, however, which makes her look fit.

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