Kelly Clarkson’s Weight

Kelly Clarkson's WeightThere were rumors that Kelly Clarkson‘s album cover image was airbrushed to make her look slimmer, but this and other setbacks seem small compared to the latest attack on Clarkson.

In an extraordinary new low for Kelly, members of her own team and even her friends have slammed her for her weight. Ugly comments on Web sites have called Kelly “disgusting” and “fat.” One even suggested, “I think she’s preggers.”

For any other young star with a history of eating disorders like Kelly, these comments could have had a disastrous impact – but not Kelly. The chart topper, who recently admitted that she was bulimic during high school, is not going to go down that road again.

Although Kelly thinks “it sucks” to be judged by your appearance, she retaliated by saying, “You don’t have to wear a size 2 or size 8 -just be a healthy person.” Despite the comments about her weight, Kelly is determined not to let them affect her.

She knows that she is not the Hollywood norm when it comes to body size, but she’s not making any apologies for who she is. “I’m definitely thicker than most people in my industry, but not in real life,” explains Kelly. “When you’re on the red carpet with people who weigh 100 pounds, hell yeah, I’m bigger than most of them,” she says.

Ever since Kelly won the first Idol in 2002, the 5’4″ Texan has come under pressure from bosses to lose weight. After two years resisting these orders, the two-time Grammy winner gave in, and in 2004, she lost a rumored 20 pounds with a 90-minute treadmill workout every day.

Coupled with the calories burned off during her energetic stage shows, the weight fell off, but soon Kelly realized that she was happy being herself and wanted to be a healthy person, not a skinny person. [via]

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  1. Maryam Says:

    I really like her attitude. I’ve read so much venom directed toward her, including “celebrities should be skinny – it’s their job.” She’s a musician. That’s her job. If she wants to retain creative direction over her body, then she has that right and she’s an inspiration to all of us.

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