Kelly Clarkson: Weight Loss, Diet and Workout

kelly clarkson's weight loss, diet, workoutEver since Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol competition on 2002, this curvy, 5-foot-4 Texan has smashed the reality-star mold with multiplatinum albums and her refusal to waste away into a waif.

“I’m proud of my butt,” says the singer, 24. “I feel sorry for girls who don’t have one.”

Kelly Clarkson’s Diet

“I don’t do the whole diet thing,” Clarkson tells Us magazine. Instead, the two-time Grammy winner – who refuses to weigh herself – brings a personal chef on tour with her.

“It’s all about portion control,” the singer (now a spokeswoman for Vitamin Water) has said. “If you deprive yourself, you’ll just go nuts and eat too much.” Still, she is human. Her weakness?

“I’m a big chocolate fan.”

Kelly Clarkson’s Workout

A high school track athlete, she shed weight in 2004 with 90-minute daily treadmill runs and still hoofs it around concert arenas. “You have to have endurance and be at your utmost health,” says Clarkson.

“I enjoy working out.”

Take-away Tip

Choose fun workouts. The singer stays fit by playing tennis, kickboxing and boogie-boarding. “I drink water all the time,” says Clarkson, who once drank 10 cans of soda a day. [source: Us Weekly magazine]

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