Kelly Clarkson Weight Issues

Kelly Clarkson Weight Issues

Does Kelly Clarkson have weight issues? There is no question that Kelly Clarkson’s weight issues are mostly overhyped. Sure, some have claimed that Kelly Clarkson is fat, and if that is not enough, Kelly Clarkson’s weight gain has gotten a lot of attention as well.

That said, Kelly does not seem to think that she has any weight issues. She does admit to being larger than most celebrities (she blames her size on her Greek genes), but she claims to be healthy, and I agree with her, sort of.

I mean, sure, I suppose it is not unreasonable to assume that she has inherited certain genes that are responsible to some extend for her body type. However, I do not think it is a good idea to blame her Greek lineage on her weight simply because there are plenty of skinny Greeks.

But what do you think – do you think Kelly should do something about her weight or do you think she looks just fine the way she is now?

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