Kelly Bensimon Diet

Kelly Bensimon Diet

Kelly Bensimon‘s diet is not your typical fad diet. The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Kelly Bensimon’s diet should be similar to the celery diet or some other fad diet that most celebrities use in preparation for an important photo shoot. But Kelly Bensimon’s diet is even stranger. To her credit, however, while preparing to bare all in Playboy, her goal was not to lose 10 pounds in 1 day or any amount of weight for that matter, she actually wanted to have some curves.

Was Kelly Bensimon’s diet designed to help her gain weight? I guess so. She drank beer and ate chicken wings for two weeks. She claims that because of her active lifestyle (she rides horses and does cardio for 45 minutes almost every day), causes her to lose weight. Unfortunately, while I am glad to see that some celebrities are not afraid to gain some weight, Kelly Bensimon’s diet is not a good example of how one should go about gaining weight.

Drinking beer and eating chicken wings is fine, as long as you follow a balanced diet most of the time. Just like there is no reason to go into extremes while trying to lose weight, you do not have turn to junk food if your goal is to gain weight. [source: Life and Style]

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