Kelly Bensimon Bikini

Kelly Bensimon Bikini

Continued from Kelly Bensimon’s Diet.

Kelly Bensimon‘s bikini look – hot or meh? Some would say that Kelly Bensimon’s bikini appearance is inspirational. Others would no doubt argue that Kelly Bensimon’s bikini look is pretty sad. What do I personally think about Kelly Bensimon’s bikini look? I think she looks good in a bikini.

She is 41 after all. Let’s not forget about that. She says that she is “curvaceous,” but I do not see that. I think she is pretty skinny and mildly toned. Her midsection is pretty flat (there is just a slight hint of a muffin top), which is acceptable, I guess, but the abs are not visible. Her arms and legs look okay, nothing special. On the scale of 1 to 10, I would give her a 6. [source: In Touch]

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