Katy Perry Diet

Katy Perry Diet

Continued from Katy Perry’s Weight Loss.

Katy Perry‘s diet is great. What do we know about Katy Perry’s diet? We know that she used to be almost addicted to junk food, but since she has decided to lose weight, Katy Perry’s diet has changed dramatically. The question is, however, can you use her eating plan to lose weight in 1 month? Can you use her eating plan to lose 20 pounds in 1 month? Most celebrity diets are a poor example of how one should structure a weight-loss diet, but Katy Perry’s diet is different.

What is so special about Katy Perry’s diet? Well, her eating plan is not the product of her nutritional knowledge, but thanks to a respected celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, her eating plan is an example of how you might want to structure your own diet to increase your chances of losing weight in one month. Note: how much weight you can actually lose in one month obviously depends on a number of individual variables.

Katy Perry’s diet deconstructed So, what does she eat these days? Her breakfast usually consists of complex carbohydrates (steel-cut oats with apples) and protein (think a whey protein shake). Lunch is all about chicken, vegetables and a salad that contains black beans. Her dinner is very simple and nutritious: brown rice with chicken teriyaki. [source: OK!]

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