Kate Winslet Fat

Kate Winslet Fat

Is Kate Winslet fat? I do not think Kate Winslet is fat, but in a recent issue of Vanity Fair, Kate Winslet admits that despite being an Oscar-nominated actress, she still sometimes thinks of herself as a chubby kid.

In fact, Kate never thought she would be famous. Why? Because the 5-foot-6 Winslet once weighed nearly 200 pounds. “You know, once a fat kid, always a fat kid,” says Kate, 33, who, perceived imperfections and all, bared a ton of skin in the mag.

So what about now? Is Kate Winslet fat now? Of course not, her weight fluctuates, which normal, but she looks great. And despite her insecurities, others seem to think Kate has a great bod – accusations flew that the Vanity Fair photos were airbrushed, which her rep flatly denies. [source: Life & Style]

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