Kate Gosselin Bikini

Kate Gosselin Bikini

Kate Gosselin in a bikini – hot or mediocre? I think Kate Gosselin’s bikini look is outstanding, considering how many births she has given. Do not get me wrong, Kate Gosselin’s bikini look is borderline average compared to other celebrities out there, but the fact is, Kate Gosselin in a bikini looks pretty good.

How Kate Gosselin’s bikini look can be improved She probably needs to lose some weight. How much weight does she need to lose? I do not know, it is hard to tell from a few bikini pictures, but my estimate is about 10 pounds.

Once she does this, she needs to start exercising with weights. Her legs look totally soft. She can make them look shapely and toned with barbell squats. She also needs to tone up her upper body.

But what do you think – Kate Gosselin in a bikini – should she stay as is or should she work on improving her look? [source: In Touch]

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2 Responses to “Kate Gosselin Bikini”

  1. Oh PLEASE Says:

    Oh PLEASE, Kate Gosselin has had a tummy tuck and a boob job. She also did not give birth vaginally.

    So yeah, try to put in all the info before you say she looks so “wonderful” for having so many children.

    She, unlike most women, had professional help.

    Call it what it is.

  2. Jim Says:

    Wow, looks like she has a male package downstairs, very big bump there.

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