Karina Smirnoff Diet

Karina Smirnoff Diet

Continued from Karina Smirnoff’s Workout.

Just like her workout, Karina Smirnoff’s diet is under control. Now, if you think that Karina Smirnoff’s diet is overly restrictive and complicated to follow, you are mistaken. Karina Smirnoff’s diet is not hard to follow at all. As for being restrictive, well, there is some truth to that, but I think it is smart to substitute pasta and rice with vegetables. Of course, if you opt for low-carb pasta, you can have your cake and eat it too, if you know what I mean.

“If my day does not have a lot of physical activity, I eat a little less,” says Smirnoff. See, she is smart, she knows that it is important to adjust your caloric intake based on how active you are. Those familiar with the basics of a calorie shifting diet already know that, of course. In other words, instead of looking for the best way to burn calories, simply eat a little less, and you will do just fine.

Here is something else to keep in mind, if you are careful with how much you eat and how long you exercise when you eat a little too much, something like losing 10 pounds in an unreasonable amount of time is not going to be one of your concerns. But let’s get back to Karina Smirnoff’s diet.

Eat your spinach On her recent European vocation, she asked restaurants to serve salmon or chicken over a bed of the leafy green instead of carbs like pasta or rice. And she snacked on watermelon and pineapple. “It’s healthy, fills you up and tastes great,” she says.

Drink prudently Skip the high-calorie margarita. “Have a glass of champagne or vodka with a splash of cranberry,” she says.

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