Justin Gaston Shirtless

Justin Gaston Shirtless

Justin Gaston shirtless – hot or not? Of course Justin Gaston shirtless looks hot. He is Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend after all, how can he not look hot? But the question is: Who looks hotter – a shirtless Just Gaston, who is featured in the latest issue of VMan magazine by the way, or a shirtless Zac Efron?

It is the ultimate showdown – Justin Gaston shirtless vs. Zac Efron shirtless – make your pick.

Personally, I think that a shirtless Gaston looks way better than Efron. It is all in the last name – Gaston – it just sounds very macho and a bit exotic. Nah, his last name has nothing to do with it. Just look at Justin, he is shredded (I do not mean his pants) – his upper body is insane.

His body composition shows that he knows a thing or two about proper nutrition and exercise. He has adequate muscle mass, yet his body-fat percentage is low, which is not an easy combination to achieve. [source: Star]

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