Justin Bieber Workout

Justin Bieber Workout

Continued from Justin Bieber’s Diet.

Justin Bieber‘s workout is a mysterious. Why? Because it is not clear if Justin Bieber’s workout exists at all. Some would say that Justin Bieber’s workout is a joke anyway, so who cares if Justin Bieber’s workout exists or not. I do not agree, but I see where this argument is coming from. Have you seen Justin Bieber shirtless? Yeah, he does not exactly look like someone who exercises with free weights regularly.

Having said that, personally I do not feel the need to criticize Justin Bieber’s workout, but from MTV’s The Diary of Justin Bieber, it is clear that the guy is very active. Specifically, I was impressed by his basketball moves. He plays basketball very well. However, it is probably safe to assume that he does not follow a structured exercise program.

Does he lift weights? I would guess the answer is no. Can he bench press his bodyweight? Can he squat at least half of his bodyweight? I have no idea. I would say that the answer to all of those questions is no. But you know what? Who cares? He is a singer, not a powerlifter or a fitness model. As long as he is healthy and active, he does not need to do any of those things.

Still, I think he looks a little, well, thin, if you will. No? Either way, Justin Bieber’s workout has to change. Why? Because I want him to write a song “I’m bringing fitness back” or something like that. I am not kidding. It would inspire thousands of his fans to get in shape, but for something like this to happen, he needs to start exercising regularly.

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