Justin Bieber Diet

Justin Bieber Diet

Justin Bieber‘s diet is not bad. But is Justin Bieber’s diet an example of how teens should eat? Can Justin Bieber’s diet help you lose 5 pounds in a week? Probably not. Why not? Because Justin Bieber’s diet is not a weight-loss diet, it is not even clear if Justin Bieber’s diet is really a diet in the strict sense of the word. I mean, I doubt he follows a structured diet plan. Does Justin Bieber shirtless look like someone who follows a strict diet? I do not think so.

So what do we know about what he actually eats? Well, unfortunately, his complete diet is a bit of secret, but we do know some things. For example, he snacks on nuts and when he performs in the U.S., he seems to be obsessed with a very particular candy called Swedish Fish. When he is in Canada, he goes for Big Foot gummies.

Okay, so Justin Bieber’s diet obviously does not consist of only candies and nuts. I hope it does not. I do know this for a fact, but he probably likes fast food – who does not, right? – and he probably does not like eating vegetables. I do not want to jump to any conclusions until we have all the facts, but I bet Justin Bieber’s diet can better.

He is still young and he is not overweight, so he does not need to make any drastic changes to his diet now, but if he wants to look a bit more muscular and toned, he needs to start lifting weights and increase his calorie consumption by eating quality foods, such as lean proteins, vegetables and fruits, not cadies, nuts are great though. [source: Star]

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