Jumping Rope Ankle Pain and Swelling

Can jumping rope cause ankle pain and swelling? What are the side effects of jumping rope? Does jumping rope cause ankle pain? Thanks, Lansik. [via Ask Questions]

Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise. How many calories does jumping rope burn during a typical exercise session? A lot. But can all this jumping cause ankle pain and swelling? Absolutely. Why? Because when you jump, especially on a hard surface, you put a lot of stress on your ankles and knees. In short, if you are overweight and need to lose more than 10 pounds, jumping rope is probably not for you. What is the alternative? Walking.

There is an incorrect perception out there that walking is not really a cardio exercise. It is. Walking is an ideal cardio exercise especially for people who need to lose a lot of weight. Of course, I have no idea if you even need to lose weight, but if you do, try walking for at least 30 minutes three times a week. In any case, pain and swelling in your ankles is not normal, so before you start exercising, I strongly recommend that you see your doctor.

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