Julia Louis-Dreyfus Diet

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Diet

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ diet is remarkably similar to Jaime Pressly’s diet. Wait, actually, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ diet is better than Jaime’s diet. Yes, they are similar – that is, both contain certain components that are essential to any healthy diet – but Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ diet is more polished and focused.

What is so special about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ diet? It hard to name just one thing that makes her diet stand out, it is a combination of things. On a second thought, one thing does stand out. What is it? Julia has discovered something that can be described as the ultimate secret of successful dieting – that is, if you want to permanently switch to eating healthy, you have to find foods you actually like eating.

Julia’s diet is in a constant state of change because she is always looking for new things to try. She says she has not been blessed with a fast metabolism, and therefore needs to work at being fit and healthy.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ diet components Eating breakfast is a challenge for Julia because she is not a morning person. However, she does eat breakfast – two eggs and a whole-wheat toast with some honey is her breakfast of choice.

Julia loves vegetables and she likes eating chicken and meat. For lunch and dinner, she usually eats a salad – she loves a big salad – think some veggies or leafy greens such as arugula with some cheese, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Julia’s food fetish is bacon! She is so addicted to bacon that she does not even keep it in her house. As for sweets, she has an enormous sweet tooth, but she keeps it under control by indulging in chocolate and other sweets from time to time. [source: Shape]

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