Josh Peck Weight Loss Pictures

Josh Peck Weight Loss Pictures

Wowza! Josh Peck‘s weight loss is pretty incredible. How much weight did Josh Peck lose? He is 100 pounds lighter. 100 pounds! That is a lot.

How did Josh Peck lose weight? “I was always the funny, fat best friend. I didn’t want to wait 10 years for that next part. I wanted to get healthy. And I knew it would make me happy,” said Josh in a recent interview.

“It took about two year,” Peck says about his weight loss. [source: Us Weekly]

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26 Responses to “Josh Peck Weight Loss Pictures”

  1. Brad Says:

    dude i know i am the funny fat best friend… wierd i wanna follow in his footsteps. i kinda am. im a teen with asthma that is funny and overweight…

  2. Angel Says:

    haha im the same way… im also the funny best friend of most people i know and i am also going to change my ways and be like Josh Peck and start doing everything i can to be like him…

  3. Angel Says:

    correction: im also the funny fat best friend of most people i know…

  4. QG Says:

    Wow, I just saw he’s gonna do the Drake and Josh Christmas special and he is S-K-I-N-N-Y!!!!!!!! I think he sick or something. I mean, he doesn’t just look skinny, he looks sick! HE was ok about thirty pounds ago, maybe forty. Now he’s bout to die or some shit, lol.

  5. chippy Says:

    He’s not sickly… He looks healthy. Although I found him incredibly adorable before the weightloss, I find him incredibly sexy now.

  6. Jen Says:

    i definitely agree. he’s a sexy beast, now, though i always found him to be a cutie.

  7. Big Vato Says:

    He looked much better when he was bigger!!!!!
    Now he looks sorta bad.

  8. Kristie Says:

    Josh looks Great.. I saw shorts of him in Christmas special with his hair long and straightened… Wow… I wish I had his drive, I’m struggling to lose a couple of pounds I just can’t seem to get there. Good on you Josh… You go mate!!!

  9. Kayla Says:

    I LOVE YOU JOSH YOU ARE SOOO HOT! even when you were fater you were still my teddy bear!

  10. Tricia Says:

    I think he looks fantastic and no he is NOT sick, he lost weight to improve his health. Yeah Krisie lol, he has great legs! I have been watching Drake and Josh since day one. Josh has and always will be my favorite because he is so funny and so hot! Makes me wish I was 21 again.

  11. kristen Says:

    lol i josh peck is so cool. but i liked him fat ..he was fluffy and i just wanted to sqeeze him like a teddy bear..he luked cuddly lol…no man he’s cute..thats no fun lol..nah but its better that hes happier and proud of him..he lost alot..and it didnt take that long..its the cooliest lol

  12. MIKESOWELL Says:

    I am not surprised that he lost the weight that quickly. He was what, 18 or 19 years old when he started slimming down. His metabolism is the highest it’s gonna be in his life. He did himself a favor. It’s better than waiting until he was 40 and would have been even heavier. Congratulations Josh!

  13. Nickelodeon Fan Says:

    I think that Josh Peck was a lot funnier on Drake and Josh when he was fatter. I also prefered his hair when it was shorter and curlier. I don’t like his latest look: Straight longer hair, plus facial hair. Also his face has got A LOT thinner in the past couple of years. Is that due to his weight loss, or surgery? I’m quite fat myself but I don’t know anything about anything like that!!!!!!!

  14. random dude Says:

    well that picture is a bad picture, makes him look sick, hes pretty much on par with Zac Efron if he dyed his hair and shaved.

  15. Douglas Says:

    i think josh lost his funny with his weight

  16. Hard Knox Says:

    Nickelodeon Fan,

    when u lose weight ur gonna lose weight on ur face of course…
    wat u said wast very fair or made much sense…


    uhh ur a replusive idiot.(something symon kal would say to u)

  17. Stephy Says:

    Well I think that it was great that is doing somethign for his self. He is hot though I am a 25 year old mom my kids are three and one so there not the reason I watch the show I thought that drake was hot but watch out here comes josh. And he doesn’t look sick he looks skinny now he just needs to get toned

  18. krystal Says:

    he lost the weight naturally but what do you think happend to all that loose skin? he had to have plastic surgery to remove it so either way he got plastic surgery

  19. Yell Says:

    I always liked u josh even when u were kinda chubby cos u were cute and adorable but now I LIKE U EVEN MORE!!!!
    Except it was kinda better when u were a little fat cos u looked cute and sweet and really kind but now u dont really look as kind as b4.
    BUt u really ROCK!!!!!!!!
    And ur a great actor by the way!

  20. Ivana Says:

    Josh. you’re funny I love U soooo muuuch!
    even if you’re nice or not I love U!


  21. coolCHICK Says:

    omg!!! he looks different i miss the old him the him that you could almost feel him about to jump out of the screen and hug you with all of him… sure now he is “hot” but i bet alot of girls never would’ve noticed him before.. its messed up but at least im not like that 😉 i hope he finds the gurl who will truly appreciate him and loves and cares for him. He is sweet funny and what every girl wants (now) he is perfect ..was perfect well my point is he deserves alot and size and appearence doesnt matter “its good advice” 😉

  22. Theodore Says:

    dear josh i am a 14 year old kid who lives in south africa . i am tired of bieng fat . i would seriously like to be skinny like you . but i dont kow where to simpley start . i have been watchig drake and josh for about 5 years and every time i watched it you looked normal and no one teased you or anything but me on the other hand get teased every day by my so fcalled friends . i have been teased for about 3 years and it is not the teasing which is driving me crazy it is the way i look and how other people look . plus i also fear that one day i might die of diabities at such a you ng age . so i need help from some one like you . i really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope ypu can write back to me LOVE theordore

  23. call me limpoged Says:

    hello everyone, i might not be such a great help but i think i can help u with your problem. First of all you have to eat healthy, don’t eat any fast food or any fried food or at least not a lot. Eat good portions of food such as the food triangle, i do not remember the triangle totally, but i think there is meat, grain, vegetables, and fruit. if you have any free time, then do sit ups and maybe a little bit of push ups, me, i do 10 push ups everyday and 40 sit ups everyday, now, i’m not saying that you have to start with that but you can go a little slower such as, maybe, 5 push ups and 20 sit ups a day and if you do that without breaking the promise and eating fast food almost everyday then i think you can be just like Josh Peck

  24. alyson 'x3 Says:

    Josh, you look AMAZINGLY HOT!!!!!!!!!! LUV YA sooo much! and not beacuase you look different but I know you are a wonderful person in the inside too. You looked cute when you are at the oldest season of drake and josh, ’cause you were like a teddy bear and you were so funny. Btw you are a great romodel and I will be like you one day. Your #1 fan ally

  25. Christi Says:

    I’ve been watching Drake and Josh with my daughter lately and I think it’s a cute show. I noticed Josh’s weight loss and I got curious so I Google’d it. Evidently, he did it the natural healthy way which took about 2 years to lose about 100 pounds. That’s about right. Which ever one of you said something about him needing plastic surgery for “excess skin”… maybe, maybe not. If he did it gradually (which he did) and with exercise, there’s no need to assume he has excess skin and if he does, so what? And if he needed plastic surgery for it so what? He looks great and he’s healthy now. On another note, I happened to catch him in a movie the other night and he’s a very good dramatic actor as well as comedic. I think we should expect great things from this guy in the future! Let’s all be nice and wish him well ok?

  26. Diana Says:

    OH MY GOSH! Josh Looks Amazing! He’s such a handsome young man! I remember when he was chubby he was adorable! He reminded me of my brother. My brother looked exactly like him and he had asthma, too. Anyways. Josh looks amazing now! I love you! You’re such a great actor! No matter what anybody says, you are such a great person and wonderful role model! I love your acting and you are hilarious and awesome!

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