Jordin Sparks Is Fat: Health and Diet News

Jordin Sparks Is Fat: Health and Diet News

True or false? My current body fat percentage is below 10 percent and I once ate 23 donuts in one seating after a particularly grueling deadlifting session. Find out the answers after this health and diet news roundup.

  • Some crazy people apparently think that Jordin Sparks is fat. – Diet Blog
  • Timothy Ferriss claims that he gained 34 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks without steroids. Do you believe him? – Tim Ferriss
  • Why it makes sense to train your whole body. – FitSugar
  • Lesbians are at greater risk of obesity. – The Daily Telegraph
  • Germans are amongst the fattest people in Europe. – Breitbart
  • Cows that produce skimmed milk – which also contains higher levels of omega-3s – have been bred. Would you drink this milk? – TimesOnline
  • Are you going to buy underwear that supposedly protects from cell phone radiation? – Engadget
  • Carl’s Jr. does not find Jack in the Box’s ads which seem to suggest that they make burgers from cow’s anus amusing. Sues. What is wrong with them? Those ads are hilarious! – ABC News

The answers: False, true.

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